Saturday, 3 August 2013

Gledwood's Marvellous Mental Weather!

IT'S the hottest summer in years here in London Town! A couple of days ago the mercury hit 34C, that's about 93F, which might be run of the mill if you're in Sydney or Dallas but trust me, that's REALLY HOT for here. Thankfully I have whizzy wide-opening windows and an upstairs balcony. My "pet" pigeon Jilly, who's chosen to roost there has laid at least two clutches of eggs. The last generation failed to hatch and has been festering in the sun (poor eggs!) but her other babies have been cooing at my window for the last month and a half.

Believe it or not, that satellite dish I found on the street and wired up WORKS~!! Through careful angling, an accurate gut feeling and a lot of luck, I managed to point it bang-on at the correct Astra satellites for German TV! So I get back all those documentary channels about life under the seas and the "Inner German Border" (I luuurve the old Berlin Wall ~ got a real thing about it)... yes i get all that back. Plus dubbed versions of Dynasty throughout the night. For some reason in Germany, Dynasty was more popular than Dallas... (and I thought Germans were the most sensible nation on earth..?)

And the pigeons are getting braver by the day. When I'm sleeping they'll venture in to perch on my dish, which is balanced on an armchair with the sticky-out bracket wedged between cushions. Sometimes, when they get brave, they'll go for a flap all around my living room and come sit on my other couch. Then I wake up and they eye me in surreptitious terror and stop cooing and flap out of there hastily leaving stray bits of down spiralling behind them. Nobody has crapped on my carpet yet. O yeah I haven't got a carpet yet. Ho hummm!

I started feeling restless earlier and my formerly depresed mood has broken through into the full glossy, sparkly, glistering radience of summer. I feel beautiful ~ and I haven't done heroin or any other drug for days!


This music is transcendent, spectacular.... if music can sound this good on earth, what is music like in Heaven..?

... And doncha just luuurve a good Dynasty Cat Fight...?


Syd said...

Great news, Gleds. Glad that you are feeling good. And no H. Really good news. I left the coast for the mountains and it is pleasantly cool here.

Tori said...

I was in London a couple of months ago for the first time and loved the weather. I loved when it would surprise us with rain and quickly leave. It was great!

I am glad to hear that you are not using! Excellent news!

Anonymous said...

I'll be there soon. I suppose you still won't be able to help?? Mark R

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

The pigeons know you are kind - that's why they come in! Glad you've got a balcony to help you cope with the heat. x

Gledwood said...

Matt: I'm OFF DRUGS sorry, not touching them any more at all. Sorry ... :-(

Welshcakes: I cannot open the door thanks to the pigeons (I do not wish to terrify them). So the window is wide open and the pigeons creep in through that instead!

Tori: coming from elsewhere I'm sure London's weather feels lovely and temperate. But to us, used to thinking of 75F as "hot" (in childhood), today's 90F+ temperatures feel unbearable!

Syd: I hope you had a good vacation. I've been on vacation for life and am so fed up with it (see latest post).