Tuesday, 3 September 2013


I HAVE LONG BEEN TOLD, by various readers of my blog, that MY MOOD APPEARED TO CYCLE IN TIME WITH THE MOON... Yet for some reason I seemed never to take this seriously. Perhaps it was because, usually, me and the moon did not make an EXACT MATCH... just a close one. And because I like to think of myself as highly rational and sensible and not liable to believe in old wives' tales, I didn't believe in this one either.

Except that for the past THREE MONTHS or so, I have glanced out of the window, whilst feeling uncannily restless in the middle of the night, and seen FULL MOON floating up there. And when the moon isn't precisely FULL, it's always WANING. Which matches the "lunacy" theory even more.

Because it's as if something inside me has been waxing along with the waxing moon. And though the moon turns a corner and starts to wane, I carry on waxing, so the restlessness or "mania" breaks through while the moon is waning... Hmmm.

Then I looked back to the most severe mania of my life. This broke out on Wednesday 17th January 2011. WHICH WAS THE EXACT FULL MOON!

That was the day I ended up in a mental hospital, having turned up at a dual diagnosis meeting in a floridly manic, psychotic state. Hearing things, seeing things. My head in utter cognitive dissaray. And from that day forth, it only got worse...


Yesterday I felt so terrible, that having done everything I had to (and long string of chores for Binky. Well, actually, one single thing. Which involved going up and down. And up and down. And up and down. The same fucking head-destroying high road. All morning. So I got home in a huge strop and took some drugs and passed out, waking up after 9pm. Then I slept again. All through the night. Getting up at 11 this morning.

And I'm writing a letter to my GP, saying "our relationship is not working. You do not seem to understand me at all. THIS is how it is. I could NEVER TELL YOU THIS with my mouth. So believe me. Because I cannot handle it when you try and challenge me. I'm dealing with things I don't want to be real. Then you tell me you don't think it's real. Which leaves me in utter confusion. I cannot work with a doctor who is not on the same page. Absolutely impossible for me.... I don't know.

Well anyway I just wanted to say all this. Now I have to go. It's nearly 4pm and I have to get home. Take care everybody... ;-)

PS: WHAT IS IT about the FULL MOON that does affect mood? Presently, researchers appear to be obsessed by some connexion with the light of the moon and elevated moods. But surely in this day and age of artificial lighting, the moon will make very little difference...? Personally I think it's MAGNETIC...


karl said...

The moon affects all bodies of water. Just look how it affects the tides. The human body is made up of 90% water. Some people are affected more than others.
I get what you were saying a few posts back about life with no drugs. I always seem to lapse at about 5-6wks, because the thought of never doing drugs again is a bit too much to handle. Sometimes I think it would be a bit more sensible to say " Fuck it ! I enjoy it so why not do it every once in a while " . X

Syd said...

Sad that you are back on drugs. Same old stuff.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

If you're a lunatic you have to get really well and come over here, Gleds. We get lovely moons in Sicily. xx and woofs from Simi

Liz said...

Our last dog, Harvey, was definitely affected by a full moon. Please don't be offended by the comparison. I'm just saying!

And someone said, 'I only write when i'm inspired. Fortunately I'm inspired at 9 o'clock every morning.' It was William Faulkner - I just goggled it. How did we cope without google?

Bev said...

Can I come over and kiss you in the moon light sweet pants?XXX