Monday, 22 December 2014

A Very Merry Time of Year!

HELLO EVERYBODY I've been having a moody time of late but I'm feeling absolutely fine now. Well almost. 

I saw Binky today and she thinks I'm still mental from the other day. I kind of had a lost weekend when the "Full Moon Feeling" (hypomania: which is when I'm high without any drink or drugs) hit me pretty full-on on Friday/Saturday night and I barely slept at all all weekend then did conk out and came back to life at 7 o'clock with absolutely no idea whether it was the AM or PM (it was 7AM).

Ukh I hate this time of year, don't you?? But I hope you like my dancing elf figure. Seriously this was the best thing I got when keying in "elf animated cartoon gif" ~ ha ha!

I was going to do Xmas with Binky but she "has to" do it with her Supported Care Home, so I'm pretty glad I got out of that one. It just would have been roast lamb + massive cab fares all for a day I don't give a French toss about anyhow... know what I mean?

But having said that I DO with you all the MERRIEST OF SEASON'S GREETINGS + AN AMAZING NEW YEAR IN 2015 XxXxXxX 


Gledwood said...

ANNA GRACE I JUST TRIED to leave the following message at your blog but the "prove you're not a robot" thing won't let me through. I'm in an internet cafe too anyway it's

I know exactly how you feel with the reductions and the using on top etc... I once ended up in the mental hospital on a dose reducing from 12mg past 10mg, at 1mg a day and... bang! Every time they let me out every day I'd go and score on top of that and have to be sneaking my 7am morning hits in and out of dormitories with me because the crappy little dose they were prescribing me was within a very short time doing nothing at all, and I was only using 2X £10 bags which back then cost £15 or $25 US... the 10/12mg dose was so low because I'd been switched directly from a low dose of Subutex. Back then they didn't offer (or said they couldn't) offer Subutex in the local madhouse....
... a year or so ago I went down to 14 yes you read that right 14 not 40, just fourTEEN mils and that was ridiculous too because... yes you guessed it, I started using so heavily on top that 14mg became a farce. I'm now on 35, they put me up 5mg last week and I feel far better on that I really wanted to come down and off but it was all too fast and frankly I'm fine on 35 for the time being.

Thanxx v much for your message. Your portrait pic is beautiful by the way.

I just came by again to wish you a very merry one indeed + have a fantastick 2015!! XxXxXxX ;-)

Furtheron said...

And a great 2015 for you too...

like the elf...

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Simi and I hope you have a very merry Xmas, dear Gleds. xx woofs!