Thursday, 19 April 2012


I HAVE BEEN OVERSLEEPING TO A RIDICULOUS DEGREE. I haven't dared count hours but it's a good 12 or 14 or even 16 out of every 24.
Yesterday I went to bed three times, I was so exhausted. And I slept deeply every time. I never ever lie in bed wide awake. I only ever can't sleep when I'm hypomanic (in an elevated mood) and in that state if you can't sleep you just don't bother wasting time going to bed anyhow. Usually excessive sleep is a sign of depression in me but I don't feel too bad (surprisingly). I have been trying to plot out what the rest of my life might entail and what I can do with it and the idea of writing a novel has come back yet again. There are several embryonic ideas whirring about my brain but I just don't know what to go for. I WAS going to give children's writing a bash and did indeed have concepts for a handful of books. But I just could not summon up enough fire in my belly to proceed. In my experience you NEED inspiration to start any literary project. What you cannot do though, is rely on inspiration striking every day once the writing has got started: then you have to write come hell or high water, else the book'll never get finished. Anyway I shall give the novel-writing some more thought. There aren't many good books about mental illness, so I thought maybe I'd write something about that. Well I had better go. Am I the only one to be completely fazed by Blogger's new look. It's gonna take ages to get used to. Have a cheery week everyone. What's left of it.
PS my totally unwanted, morally degenerate pig of a housemate has been KICKED OUT AND THE LOCKS CHANGED today I'm so happy happy happy. This person was such scum and I was so upset about goings on I couldn't even bring myself to post about them. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN. PLEASE. And don't quote that other proverb "better the devil you know"... it would be hard to out-scumbag the dregs of humanity this person called friends, who littered our house having loud telephone conversations about their legal and other problems. Not to mention the other chaos they caused ... THE BITCH IS GONE. HA HA HA!


Akelamalu said...

You sound more upbeat than usual despite sleeping so much. Glad to hear you have got rid of your unwanted housemate.

Furtheron said...

Please to hear you've lost the agony of the housemate.

I wish I could sleep more... after everything in an evening it is normally 10:30 ish I head to bed so in bed and asleep about 11 - alarm goes off either 5:30 or 6 am depends on the day... YUK! When I have a "late one" like Wednesday after the Paradise Lost gig I wasn't in bed until just gone midnight - I'm still feeling wacked out now! And that is despite me realising I was lolling all over the girl on the train next to me this morning... she was very good about it - I felt such a tit!

Bev said...

I had an alarm clock for waking up but it got on my nerves and I never pluged it in again.
My dashboard looks funny and I can't get use to it either.
You got rid of a scumbag. Congtrats, thats not easy.

Gledwood said...

The scumbag brought in friends who smashed in the front door at least four times in one month, smashed the window next to it and set off the fire alarm countless times. Nasty piece of shit that she was.

As for oversleeping, yes it does have a luxurious side but all in all it's horrible. Not to mention A BIG WASTE OF TIME!!

Syd said...

I didn't know that you had a housemate. Must have missed that post. Glad that things are a bit quieter and less scummy now.

Gledwood said...

It's a house with separate locked rooms and this bitch lived next door. Her friends caused a LOT of trouble, breaking the front door in, smashing windows, letting off the fire alarm. If that's her friends I can't help wondering what her enemies are like.