Tuesday, 6 March 2012

14 Weeks to go

I SAW MY DRUGGIEWORKER yesterday. At the rate I'm reducing, I should be off methadone all together in 14 weeks time!

I saw my GP today and got a prescription for quetiapine 50mg daily. That's not very much, but you're supposed to up the dose gradually over time. Quetiapine is the medication I always wanted to be on. I'm going to take it all at night, when it should knock me out into good sleep...

Now that I'm not using heroin all the time another addiction has got me: hambugers. I use the drug needle to inject Lea & Perrins right into them which makes them really yummy.

I hope y'all are OK.




Furtheron said...

Hey Gleds - good progress, slow and sure... the food thing gets us all when we kick the other habits... mine was bloody Mars bars, the kit-kats, then chunky kit-kats, then kit-kats again!!! I was up to 5 /6 bars a day at times... now just a muffin or two a day and far too much coffee!

Syd said...

Glad that you are tapering off the methadone. And hopefully, will be able to sleep.
Over here, hamburgers seem to be the main staple of so many--so many fast food places everywhere.

Akelamalu said...

Sounds like things are looking up for you Gleds! :)

bugerlugs63 said...

Glad you got the meds you wanted. Now let's hope they do what you wanted them to do.
My craving is doner kebab "meat". I don't even bother with the kebab, I just order a tray of the meat then cover it in sweet chilli sauce . . . Yum. But I've cut myself down to one a week.
That's good news on the methadone plan too . . . S'All good then :-)

karl said...

Nice choone !

Gledwood said...

Furtheron: I'm addicted to chocolate Philadelphia on Value Digestives!

Syd: I can't wait to get off that noxious crap they call methadone. For once and for all!

Akelamalu: aye!

Buggerlugz: I've been eating Morrisons 0.25lb-ers. V nice.

Karl: which choon was particularly nice..?>?

Gledwood said...

Karl: Ah you mean DJ Tiesto I spose..? As the other one was a mix...??

jacks smirking revenge said...

hello gledwood, you should get reduced n off it asap.. where im at (wmids) the drug "service" LOL funding has been reduced and stalin-esque swingeing bureaucracy increased to the point of hilarity, and with predictable results.. your chemist closed on a 3day weekend? BLAM 6weeks script hiatus bitch.. its minus 20, six innches of snow, no busses and a 5mile icerink to the centre? FUCK YOU NO METH. so terrorists just blew up your chemist and shrapnel sliced your legs off and you've dragged your torso all the way here but you're 2mins late because the door open buzzer was inconsiderately mounted? TOO LATE NO METH STUMPY

ahem.. so yeah, get us all addicted to god awful stuff then make it increasingly difficult to get hold of.. way to be a bunch of assmunching hypocrites you tory assholes

there are rumours that if hide-the-sausage merchant cameron decides people with monumental shit to already deal with deserve another kicking while they're down - methadone treatment might be done away with en masse (CUS THATS SURE TO HELP THE SITUATION) aside from GP scripts, and we all know what great, sympathetic and helpful people they can be right?

for the record gled, even mainlining the shit full fucking time gives me little desire/motivation to do anything... tidy up, eat, go out, talk.. even emailing the girl i love feels a huge effort these days. i consider suicide a logical option lol, yet the government want to consider me fit for office work LOLZ I'LL PUT BLEACH IN THE COFFEEMAKER YOU CIVIL SERVICE FUCKS, EMPLOY ME IF YOU DARE

um... my recommendation to anyone trying to stick to meth is

a) get some weed

b) get some good music, preferably 60s psychadelia

take your meth then medicate heavily with herb and said music. s'long as it is GOOD MUZAK youre faith in humanity may return just enough to reconsider staying 'clean' (nothing is clean about meth) and becoming one of those annoying i beat heroin and you can too people

~ jacks smirking revenge

Anonymous said...

Hi Gledwood, It's been a while, I haven't read Your blog since the drought (last year (could've been the year B4))
I am Really Glad You are getting to where You want to be :)
I am worried about what Jack said Between the Govt and the Ecomomy things look bad.
Our Local Center the Kaliedascope has to account for every penny, every client and the opening hours and Staffing Levels have been getting Shorter and Lower. Are there less needy Junkies these days? Or do the People in Power just have Less Common Sense?
All the Best,

karl said...

Tunes,tunes & more tunes.
Let music be our guideing light,it does all depend on what you're listening to but each to their own !
Methadone(or opiates) & THC can be a delightful mix & can certainly enhance audio perceptions but I wouldn't recomend it for everyone!
Hope you're doing OK...Karl

eyelick said...

Hahaha Hamburgers. And you still even get to use a needle to put flavor into them. Total win-win!