Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Real Housewives of Backwards American Healthcare Reprimand

IT'S SO LATE... Real Housewives of Washington DC's about to come on on ITV2+1 and I can't miss it. I really like the braying, posh English gal, Cat, who everyone else thinks is rude, eg because she goes to a wine-pressing session, decides she is bored and instead of being all pathetic, American Washingtonian and full of smiling BULLSHIT, she just says how she finds it and GOES HOME ~ like a normal British person would!

Also I really loved it when she laid into that airheaded Republican blogger about America's frankly primaeval healthcare system ~ saying how uncivilized she found it. And quite right, too! Apart from Guantanamo Bay, what makes me really not respect America is their exclusive, expensive, elitist healthcare system... so bad that people like Anna Grace say they're considering declaring Health Debt Bankruptcy!

I slept a good 12 hours last night and have had just ONE cup of tea and yet here I am all excited about today... though what's to be excited about except Real Housewives ..? ... I have no idea it is SO FREEZING COLD you can literally snap the air like an icicle out there. And I've had to top up the (pay as you go) electricity AGAIN.

Do they have pay-as-you-go electricity in America? BeverlyBabe, please answer me on this point. Also any horror stories about the backwards American health system that flatter my perspective would be much appreciated too XxxXxxX ;-)





Anonymous said...

I work for US utility company - and at least here we dont do pay as you go. We have low income programs - but basically if you miss two installments in a row we shut you off. Collectors come to your house and if you don't write a check, they will cut your meter. Some agencies here will help people pay utilities - its very cold where I live!

Bev said...

I dont know about pay-as-you go electric bills.
We get an electric bill every month.When I been out of money.I just pay what ever I can.Like 4-70$.The main thing is they dont cut you off as long as your Trying.If you make no effort e.g. calls and a couple dollars every month you may get cut off.You get 2 shut off notices before.
At my old place the gas bill was pretty high.EX liked it hot.But we paid off the bill during the summer months to.

Bev said...

Health care?Who can afford it?
When I was hospitalized the hospitals had a disability/state aid expert.They had me on state in 2 weeks.
I didnt want it.It paid for meds/blood work/ x rays and hospital/doctor etc.
I wanted cash assistance.Nope.No give!
I told you I wanted out of all of it and I let that go.Here at this hospital its very greedy.They run up bills every day with un necessary tests & xrays.This hospital makes sure they get paid.
So to get back my independance Im left with no insurance.
If I run into a med. emergency either they put me back on state or the bill goes to collection agency and I get bills every week for years un paid.
Its very sad especially for senior citizens who have only Medicare and cant afford the 20% that they have to pay.
My mom waited til she was 65 to have her cataracts removed and then after Medicare payed the 80% she still did not have the money for the rest of it which was thousands for anesthesia/stay/Surgeon ++.Every single pill even an aspirin will cost 20$ during a hospital stay.
I dont blame you not likeing our lack of medical access to every body.

Gledwood said...

BEVERLY ~~ HEALTHCARE: Yeah if I were in an American ambulance and conscious and in pain I'd say "gimme the strongest painkillers you've got then let me out" if I wasn't in pain I'd just say "LET ME OUT ~ I'M NOT PAYING" if I got carted into hospital anyway I'd refuse food (surely you pay for that) and all medical tests and medicine except stuff that's gonna make me high like opiates. If I were in an American nuthouse I'd refuse everything and aparently it's really easy to overturn involuntary commitment in the States. Here, it's practically impossible.

Beverly, why did you say you turned state aid DOWN? I don't get why would you? Do you have to pay it back afterwards? I heard American benefits like sickness benefit you have to pay back afterwards! What a cheek!!!

Can you even get cash assistance? What is that? Cash in your hand so you can pay a street drug dealer instead?

Street drugs are actually CHEAPER than prescription opiates in the US (so it seems) how crooked is that? They talk about these "immoral" drug dealers and yet the pharmaceuticals giants and healthcare system are actually making MORE on their opiates which are essentially the same as heroin anyway!

You're saying Medicare only covers 80%???? That is atrocious. America should be thoroughly ashamed of itself for letting such a system even exist ~~ let alone letting it continue!

ANON/BEVERLY ~~ ELECTRICITY: you don't have card or key meters? I have a little plastic key that I take down the road to the newspaper and cigarette retailer and say "I'd like £9 worth of electricity please" and POW! £9 of electricity I get! I only get bills for gas. It's been 6 months and I still haven't paid one because they were estimating I'd used about five times more than I actually had! The bill has gone up considerably because I turned on central heating for one single day and in 8 hours ran up an £8 bill. When the electric blow heater would have heated the room quicker and way way WAY cheaper. Ridiculous. Also I want a water meter as I know they're gonna try charging me for a family of four when I barely use water. I have 30-second showers. I flush the toilet once a day. What water am I using anyhow..??

They're all crooked bastards anyway. I mean, if the water, electricity and gas can afford to let privatized utility companies and the newer competition have the product at bulk discount so they can sell it on to someone like me at a profit WHY NOT LET ME HAVE IT AT WHOLESALE PRICE AND LET NOBODY PROFIT AT ALL? That would be FAR MORE CIVILIZED.