Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Breakfast at Iceland

I NEVER went to bed last night. I was too busy pottering about (can't even remember what I was doing now)... O yeah! I saw The Audrey Hepburn Story on True Movies 1, which inspired me to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's on DVD. The extra material was quite interesting. I have to say, if I had to go on a date with a dead film "goddess" I'd pick Audrey Hepburn... or maybe Marilyn Monroe; I don't know. I'm sure Audrey would have been more "real"... and she looked so pretty even in old age with her non-plastic-surgery UNICEF look...

Hey did you know when Katherine Hepburn died, Mrs Thatcher went and condoled a bemused Audrey at some Buckingham Palace shindig on the death of her "mother". I mean Audrey and Katherine... neither fitted the standard "starlet" role, and yet both so different...

Ukh, I nearly ran out of electricity yesterday. Thankfully I managed to top it up in the middle of the night: £15 ($24.14) so that should last me another week or two... (unless it gets really cold).

Well I've just been on a minor shopping spree. I bought so much food in Iceland that I ran out of money. I was having a real Glodemer Party fillin' that basket with Chinese chicken in blackbean sauce and chicken fried rice £3 ($4.83); "cooked meat deal beef 'committed to giving you the best deal on Beef trimmings' 450g £1.75 ($2.82); 4 white part-baked baguettes £1 ($1.61) ;
Iceland Taste of the Orient beef in ginger and spring onion with egg fried rice (in squishy packets) and I hope it tastes nicer than their frozen version which is like festering dogfood that's been left sweltering in the back of a car in high summer for three days ~ probably tastes like Old Mother Crack Pot's cooking £3 ($4.83); Iceland cheese coleslaw 300g 75p ($1.21) oh and some very yummy ready-cooked roast chicken thighs 4 for £2 ($3.22)... by the way, to any of you Americans, does this sound too expensive to you? I've heard a lot of price tags in American shops would be the same as here, only in dollars, obviously, not pounds ~ giving the American consumer a saving of 38%. Then I went into the charity shop where the lady asked me to mind the till while she dashed to the loo (she must trust me). I got some Judge Jules mix CD called Clubbed, something called React 10 (which I hope is dance music, but I honestly have no idea. As I told Lavatory Lady, I'm so old now I haven't a clue what's what. Then she said "If you're old what about me~?!" £3.50 the pair ($5.63 (that sounds expensive for second hand CDs)) Oh and I found a classic work of modern literature: Shirley Conran's Lace in hardback for £2 ($3.22 ~ it all sounds very expensive in US dollars). Lace is the book about the poor little rich girl, who, in seeking out her roots ends up confronting her possible parents with the line: "Which one of you bitches is my mother? Which one of you bastards is my father?" Oooo great high-fallutin literature!

Well I can't remember the point of this... o yeah because I'm tired and hungry. Might not make it back in to post whatever other rubbish I end up doing today so here's a Red King parrot ~ as used to frequent Bimbimbie's gardens only she says she's not seen any this year. The parrots and cockatoos do a constant flap-around the countryside, cleverly alighting on the right tree at the right time ~ when fruit is in season. Clever birdies...

I bet Bimbimbie will go white and nearly fall over to hear me say this, but I would quite like a king red as a pet. After having seen a documentary on traditional tribes along the Amazon where one family had a pet parrot perching on a stick outside their hut ~ and it obviously didn't want to fly away ~ my views on keeping intelligent birds in captivity has changed. Intelligent being the operative word. I wouldn't want any of those tiny finches who go nuts whenever you get near their cage... And as for cages they are, in my opinion, something for birdies to eat, sleep and shyte in ~ not to be locked up in when you're home. That's most unfair. You wouldn't keep your itchy tabby in a cage, so why the parrot... know what I mean..?

Look at this kitty ~ she looks like a Furry Owl (and I bet she is a she ~ hasn't she got such a feminine spirit, you can feel it...)



Old Mother Crack Pot said...

How dare you insult my cooking tghat you haven't even experienced!

O buttercups! I was going to leave a long ranting comment but I have to go. The parrot has just defacated in our beef stew and I'm going to have to fish it out before it dissolves in...

Bev said...

Buttercups.I like that name.
I dont blame you that red king parrot is beautiful.I never seen one for sale.
The kitten sure seems female to me.
Audrey Hepburn was beautiful and personality to.Truman Capote wrote Breakfast @ Tiffanys for Marilyn and was disappointed by the choice for another actress but she did it wonderfully and fit the part with her elegance.I bet he didnt mind so much after all.
Take care Buttercups tangerine kissesXoXo

Bimbimbie said...

Falling, falling, f a l l haha ... just stopped myself from any serious injury.

I think it's great when there is some sort of interaction going on freely between birds and people ...

As for re-opening my blog, not sure, might start up a Bimbimbie 2??

Rightio I heard Rusty say "go to sleep" and that's just what I ought to be doing. Smiles*!*

Bev said...

Buttercups I hope everythings going well.Its your Furry Friday day.coffee toffee kisses and hugs to you my dearestXoXoXo

Gledwood said...

CRACKPOT: I was joking, you silly mare!

BEV: No I'm OK I just haven't been sleeping. Then yesterday I went to bed during the day and woke up around 1am which is very inconvenient... I get the feeling that the Old Crack Pot was saying "oh buttercups" instead of "oh shit"! Probably she hadn't been drinking sufficient to really lose control of her mouth that day!

Yeah, tangerines back.
In fact: tangerine, lemon and lime xXxXxXx

BIMBIMBIE: they say king parrots don't necessarily make such wonderful pets, despite being so beautiful, as they aren't so likely to bond closely, even if the owner lives alone... Hey have you ever seen pygmy parrots? They're apparently the smallest parrots in the world... parrotlets are the second smallest and I'm HOPING to get one as a pet (fingers crossed)...

Yes start up Bimbimbie Volume 2, please! I miss you ;-)