Friday, 11 January 2013

Delirious Happiness

O HELLO THERE. I'm running out of computer time so I have to say this quickly. I am feeling so deliriously happy I can't stop smiling radiantly at the most random times eg at the methadone chemists. I was a bit paranoid that they'd think I was high on some drugs. But no drug I know of makes you that happy, except maybe ecstasy, and I don't take that any more. I don't take any drugs at all now, by the way, except methadone.

Anyway having woken up at 1am, as you do (I hadn't bothered going to bed the night before, so I slept a healthy 8 hours ~ 5pm-1am) and having watched lots of Michael Jackson videos and musicals very loudly I finally phoned Binky at 4am. She doesn't mind. She's an insomniac anyway. I can't remember precisely why I phoned her but I desperately felt I needed to know whether the mental unit she was on had any baths. When I'm in that state I tend to be very talkative indeed, with my mind constantly changing the subject. And I did moot the idea of breaking over the fence and coming to see her in the dead of night. But I was terrified of getting arrested and ending up in the nuthouse myself. So I didn't.

Erm, and that's about it. Have a very cheery day everyone.

O wow ~ look at this:


Old Mother Crack Pot said...

Oh hello my dear. I'm glad you're deliriously happy, because I'm certainly not. I was pruning my bush the other day when the parrot escaped and sat in our withered, diseased, fungus-dripping pear tree swearing at the top of its very considerable lungs to all and sundry. I nearly got arrested by a passing policeman who thought it was ME screaming all that abuse. I may be an old lady, but my voice ain't that croaky.

Anyway my dear, you make sure you take care of yourself and eat lots of chicken soup. It is still mid-winter, you know.

O my dear me, I have to go. The dog has just urinated all over the couch and it does get so soggy when he does that too often. I shall have to hang the cushions out on the pear tree to dry (I can't be bothered washing them) and hope they don't come back too mildewed...

Bev said...

Old Mother Crack Pot. You need to train the parrot and dog to be more tidy in your house.I like to come see you.You sound like fun!

Gledwood Im glad your happy and smiling.When your smiling the whole world smiles at you.
I try and smile and be happy.These days I just wait for the phone to ring.
That sounds romantic visiting Binky in the middle of the night but Im glad you didnt get in to any trouble.
Orange sour ball kissesXoXo

Akelamalu said...

Glad to hear you're happy. x

bugerlugs63 said...

Glad you're having a happy day.
I've started CBT and am learning a lot about depression. You would probably see it as a load of cliches (as I do, if I allow the cynic to rule) . . . But it also makes a lot of sense, and keeping a mood chart is a good idea, as well as a pleasure and achievemnet chart . . BUT! only to spend half an hour a day on these charts or on any other self- reflection.
I'll let you know how it goes after a week of "chart-keeping" . . . I wrote a post but it's gonna take me about an hour to edit, so hopefully tonight I'll get time.
Anyway, hope you're still smiling. With love x

Gledwood said...

BUGERLUGS: I spend a maximum 1 minute per day on my mood chart anything more would drive me truly off the wall. The only truly helpful book on depression was one I acquired about 20 years ago written by a "cognitive therapist" as they were then known. It showed up flaws in my thinking a LOT. I just don't believe depression always STARTS with bad coginition. I think the negative thoughts probably perpetuate it, but don't necessarily start it. My own bad moods normally begin with excessive sleep and the mood comes LATER implying it's not all "cognitive"!


BEVERLY: I kind of wish I had broken in last night but the nurses in those places are so uptight they cannot take a joke. And I would have gone round tapping on every window until I found the right one, laughing and causing merry chaos so it's probably a good job I didn't...

CRACKPOT: you need to arrange urgent dog training, not to mention parrot behavioral therapy...!