Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Electric Meter Confusion/Nuclear Attack

MY ELECTRIC METER has somehow gone from £3.95 Emergency to £3.65 Emergency... how is this possible? I thought Emergency went from £0.00 down to -£6.00. Aparently it starts at -£6.00 and trickles down to £0.00. Is this true? Or is the meter having a psychotic episode?

My freezer compartment had practically all melted in less than 12 hours which surprised me, considering how overfrozen that thing was. Eventually, with the help of a bread knife (too scared to use a tomato-chopping knife) I managed to rip whole chunks of ice out. This morning I came back to a kitchen floor like Lake Baikal. At 2,442 feet, (744.4 metres) Lake Baikal is the scariest (ie deepest) lake in the whole world. I would LOVE to go swimming there. Right at the deepest spot. Ideally I'd like to dive off a boat to swim in Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench ~ 35,814 feet deep (10,916 metres). When I was in India I once swam out to the fishing boats, which were tethered far enough off shore to stop tourists bothering them. The water must have been about 40 foot deep. When I changed positions from swimming to treading water my toes were cold. Which scared the living crap out of me.

HERE'S a really good clips montage about nuclear attack. The most horrifying thing I ever saw was a documentary on Hiroshima which went into great detail about what happened over the next hour on a minute-by-minute basis. Including a young mother trapped in the rubble listening to her little girl burning slowly to death. People crawling over each other desperate for water. And then the black, radioactive rain. And over the following days, radiation sickness. A man dying of a blood test because his blood would not coagulate and he just bled to death. Really really horrible.

This video just shows 'em getting vaporized by by fireball and (further out) blown to bits by the base surge and blast wave. I don't know why I'm posting this up. But anyway here goes:~~~


THREADS (1984)
Nuclear attack on Sheffield. This was the BBC's alternative to The Day After. This clip shows more realistically the kind of precautions and action that would take place if a nuclear attack really were considered imminent.
I suspect if they really did think we were about to be nuked, they wouldn't say anything.
Safest place you can be in a nuclear attack is as far underground as possible. The bomb explodes thousands of feet up. A deep tube station will protect you. That's if you really WANT to survive. I wouldn't!

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Jeannie said...

Well, those were cheery videos!

Very deep water is a little creepy - not knowing what's down there in the depths that could come tickle your toes.

Bev said...

I cant concentrate today.I hope it wont happen ever.Kisses&hugsXoXoxo

bugerlugs63 said...

Yep emergency credit starts at six quid or five, then goes down, if its showing £3.65 that's what you have left . . . If it starts going up, then you have used the six quid and it will lend you a bit of debt . . . probs only £1.50 but this will start at zero and go upwards. then when you top up you will owe the £1.50 plus the £6.00. It will say debt next to the amount.
It's more per unit on emergency, I live on emergency . . that's not a metaphor . . . Or maybe it is.
I'm not too keen on water if I'm out of my depth.
Hope all is well, with love x

Gledwood said...

BUGERLUGS: thanks for explaining the electricity meter; I had no idea

BEV: are you depressed too?

Nuclear war? I'm sure it will happen sometime. If I were President/Emperor of this country (prime minister isn't good enough for me) first thing I'd wanna see is that nuclear button and as soon as any other country annoyed me, I probably would push it. Then feel very regretful later.

JEANNIE: yes I'm terrified of deep water. That's what makes me want to swim in it so much. Nothing like a cheap thrill!

Gledwood said...

JEANNIE PS: Swimming in deep water isn't a "cheap thrill" it's a free thrill really....

...... 'cept if you add on the cost of flying to Guam or whatever island is nearest the deep end of the Mariana Trench....

Lake Baikal looks beautiful. I thought it was much deeper than 2,400 ft. I thought it was over 4000ft deep. Loch Ness is over 600 ft. Plenty of room for that aquatic diplodocus to hide!