Friday, 17 August 2012

Satellite Television, Anna Grace, BeverlyBabe and "Cycling"...

THE SATELLITE shop down the road have just reconnected me for the cost of £40. The dish was already on my wall and the Freesat box plumbed into my television: what was missing was a few yards of coax lined up from A to B with "F-Connectors"
(and that's about all I know of the issue ~ I did invest in F-Connectors, pliers and a wrench some weeks ago, and I tried to line up a satellite signal where the cable guy had bodged it up, unscrewing two lines, adding a double connector where none existed previously (I think it was a double female lead ~ ooo Bev, that's like Lesbian Passion between you and Anna Grace!) ~ well, whatever. It never worked.

I have been in a funny mood since I don't remember when. But an Official Funny Mood since a doctor's appointment at an unearthly pre-9am hour Wednesday.

From days on end without sleep I have switched back to sleeping right round the clock, and thinking how to suicide without upsetting anyone. NB I did not just say I wanted to kill myself. All I said was I had tried to figure out how to do it without upsetting anyone. Two separate and entirely different issues.

I must have been at least slightly hypomanic when I last posted ~ all those Lucky Stars! ~ and didn't Madonna look as luscious as a newly plucked grape in that video. And my New Doctor looks luscious as a newly ripened Nectarine. Considering she's sacrificed her bet years to being a Medical Student she doesn't half look good. She kept alternating between my Christian and Surname. That's because I too look amazing for my age. Especially being a manic-depressive junkie and all.

I no longer feel like posting my every heartbeat to an ever fascinated world. I'm turning into Anna Grace in that respect. She goes days without troubling to post anything at all. Mostly because I used to think she was out mountain-biking, though she and her pdoc, (as Americans call a shrink (what is wrong with the simple term "psychiatrist"~? Why must you Americans complicate everything?))~ actually called it "cycling". In the United States, cycling means "having a bipolar episode". Well I don't know whether I'm cycling or not and/or if I am whizzing on my bike where on earth I am going!

Have a Cheering Weekend Everyone!!


bugerlugs63 said...

Hi Gledwood, Seems you were on to something about me . . . my drugs worker referred me for a full mental health assessment this week (presenting as manic-depressive - I hate the bp term - with anxiety and other issues)
I've felt shit and low since returning from Wales and for the life of me I can't seem to shake it.
It's horrible. I keep trying to write through the things that triggered it but I'm too confused and low. It takes an hour to write a phrase.
I'll try again today.
Being a manic-depressive junkie must keep us young, I too look a good ten years younger than my 49 years . . . I suppose numbing our emotions leads to lack of facial expression ie. The Botox effect . . . Big wow to the positive side of it all!
Ok, hamsters to clean and kids to feed when I really want to just stay in bed and wallow.
With love as always Buggalugs x

Bev said...

So you been sexing up your doctor!Well at least you have fun on doctors appointments.No wonder you look forward to them.I was wrong about the subliminal messages and vibes I thouht I was geting from Anna Graces post.So she was not really trying to turn me on after all.
Oh well win some and lose some.
Have a great weekend Sexiness.XoXoco

GLEDWOOD said...

BEV: Anna Grace is just shy. Give it time for the love affair to explode into full lesbionic bloom..!

BUGERLUGS: far as I recall from my many and varied researches, docs take mood swings more seriously if sleep and/or appetite are affected. Yeah I thought you knew you were bipolar or cyclothymic. "Normal" people just don't have "highs" without drugs ~ not of the extended or exaggerated type anyhow. I never felt "high" like that until some time in my 20s and that is what made me suspect something unusual was amiss. (Also different people had hinted at that over the years, but I never really took them seriously.)

~BTW antidepressants are usually considered "bad" for people with bipolar moods because they are suspected of triggering off the highs and/or causing rapid cycling. I think Prozac was what made me "bipolar" right in the beginning. As long ago as 1995!

You're right, being a manic-depressive junkie Most Definitely keeps us Young!

It sounds like you definitely need to see a doctor. I would write down all the main points on paper, if you're like me and tend to forget everything.

O cripes it's 16:35 on Saturday afternoon & I have to rush. Take care XXXXXXX :-)

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