Thursday, 30 August 2012

Flat as a Giant Pancake...

I FEEL flat as a French pancake (they are very flat). And kind of depressed. What am I saying? I probably am depressed. I wake up every morning hating the day. Then Judge Judy comes on various channels. Then various shows about housewives that I don't actually watch; they just come on anyway. There's nothing at all on TV tonight so I'm definitely going for German TV. At least that way, I can waste hours on end and tell myself it's all an education as I'm picking up the language.

There's little else to say. I wrote this about 8pm last night. Only thing I'm looking forward to is popping my 2 pills that wipe me out. Nothing to stay awake for.

Ha! Except, I found this OK but totally BO-ridden crackhead's jacket in the trash. I know it belongs to a crackhead as an old Martel pipe came tinkling out of the same bin. Anyways, I've washed it once yet it STILL reeks. So I've tried to copy Bugerlugs' technique by soaking bath towels in half a bucket of water and three capfuls of blue fabric conditioner. Later I'm going to add more conditioner and more water and soak this jacket on top to see if I can get it fresh again. Then I'm going to wash the whole lot with at least three times the recommended dose of softner. And see what happens. I've turned the spin off on the washing machine to try and save electricity...


bugerlugs63 said...

The more channels, the more crap.
That bottle of x 4 concentrate Lenor is a beautiful sight . . . I can almost smell it . . . I can smell it.
Geekster has put my phone/camera thingy onto video for me, I'll try and video four Robos in the wheel tonight . . . that might cheer you up . . . a bit(?) They are silly.
Gotta sort kids for school tomorrow, then I'll try and do video x

GLEDWOOD said...

Yeah robos on a wheel please :-)

Bev said...

I woke up on the wrong side of bed.I was asked to go to the beach but I cant do any thing and enjoy it until my cleaning & chores are done.I let it pile up so theres more work and Im iritable today.Thats not like me and I dont like my mood but tidying up comes 1st.
I will feel better as soon as its done.
Do you soak the cloths in fabric softner before or after you wash them to get the nice smell?
Heres a whole bunch of love Im sending in your direction.I hope it does not knock you down because its a truck load full.Super heavy duty love and kisses to.Xoxoxox

Gledwood said...

BEV: I think Bugerlugs just uses x3 or x4 the recommended dose in the washing machine; I was soaking towels in x3 capfuls (recommended dose is one per machine-ful) in a half bucket of water, just enough water to cover the towels. This was because they'd gone all prickly and hard and not like towels are meant to be.

Darlin' I'm sending back a nuclear burst of luurve xxxxxxxxx