Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Binky and Berky, Dr Lovelace and Helene Fischer

I AM thinking of changing my friend Pinky's name to Binky. So it's now "Binky and Berky". And Berky was a berk: she went and killed herself, leaving Binky totally bereft. And to be honest, everyone thought that spelled the end for her, too.

Ukh: I don't know what is happening. My sleep is getting WORSE. I either wake up what feels like far too early, although some nights I've slept eight hours which is supposed to be all a person needs. Last night I managed to fall asleep in the most uncomfortable position on the couch, with the telly babbling in German (which probably helped me drop off).

Then I crawl into bed and cannot sleep at all!

So I went out and scored heroin at 1am.

Managed to fall asleep ~ or gauwch out, as the junkies say ~ whilst trying to wash out the syringe under a running tap.

Went back to bed ~~~ and STILL could not sleep. And when I did, I had that horrible sort of sleep, when all you know is that time has gone past, but you don't actually feel like you slept at all. I never experienced anything like "proper" sleep till it was well past dawn. Then I did fall into a comatose slumber, waking up at 2pm. Which I think is most louche of me.

I didn't even want to get up at 2, but I did. Also, I can always tell when I'm all slept out. And wow!~ I thought I was depressed no more. But as the next three hours passed, like a dingy old photograph, it developed itself. So now I feel a bit ugh. I'm not super-depressed, as Anna Grace put it. O crap, and I just remembered I have to see Dr Lovelace tomorrow at the super-early time of 9:15. That alone will probably put me in a bad mood. Then she's going to think I'm depressed worse than I am and send in the headshrinkers.

Anyway I found a singer named Helene Fischer with an excellent voice ~ better than Celine Dion. She was born to German parents in the Soviet Union in 1984. Which makes me feel really old. In 1988, the year BEFORE the Berlin Wall came down, the Soviet government mysteriously allowed her family to move to Rheinland Palatinate in West Germany. (I thought they never let anyone out..?)

This is AVE MARIA with lyrics in German.
By the way, I was wondering why the tune is so good: it's because it was written by Schubert.