Friday, 26 October 2012

Terror at the Front Door!

THE MOST HORRIFIC banging and crashing occurred at our front door last night, with much ringing of entry phones and yelling. Usually I ignore anyone at the door, in case they're from TV Licensing (I do have a TV Licence ~ but the paranoia remains!)  Anyway after a good five minutes of this rumpus I eventually got up only to be confronted by a shadowy wild beast breaking into my house. It had cracked the front glass and already two snaggling claws were reaching through to the lock!

So I opened the door and said What's all this? And it was just the crackhead upstairs who had forgotten his key.

Bloody idiot!

Illustrated: various terrifying wild beasts ~ none anywhere near as scary as my Real Life Nightcaller!!!


Akelamalu said...

What a plonker! I hope you gave him a piece of your mind.

GLEDWOOD said...

i skulked back to my room without even bothering to look at his face

that's pretty much my attitude to most people. i do sympathize with him a lot over losing his keys as its horrible. i wish i had known it was him instead of going into my characteristic paranoia frenzy as it would have saved our front glass getting a hole in it!

Bev said...

Oh cheese.Can you tell him to have a spare made?Interupting your beauty sleep with all that banging.
Does everybody at your place have the same key?That doesnt sound safe.Or did he need it to lock the exit?

Gledwood said...

Urm... it's a communal front door so everyone's key for that is the same, but as for his room, he seemed like the type of person who has long ago lost the key to that and I didn't hear any banging so probably his room door is swinging open all the time and he has nothing at all anyone would want to take anyhow.

He seemed to be in rather a hurry and had 2 friends with him. I kind of got the impression they had crack on them and wanted it piped and in their lungs ASAP!!

The landlord's men were here today as well and finally replaced the whole window. I didn't bother complaining as the glass looked cracked but not smashed. The piece he moved to reach through had been put back, so it just looked incredibly scruffy and horrible but not a security risk, which it most certainly was. Anyway we now have brand new glass and I'm really pleased!