Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fictitious First Attempt

I'M TRYING MY HAND at writing fiction (again). I'm writing for children, which is, in a way, even harder than writing for adults. Nothing I put seems well enough put and everything I say I want to hack around and say again differently. I used to think I had some mastery over words but now I'm not so sure. I don't think I will ever be "the greatest". (Nearly everything I do I want to be the best at ~ at least, this used to be the case...)

My one goal now is to be the best I can at writing like "me". One thing I do have going for me is that I am a true original. I have deliberately avoided looking at the competition because I already have ideas for more than five books and I don't want to be influenced by current fashions. So far I have only written about four pages.

I cannot waste my life any more. I have to get this down and perfected and IN PRINT.

Despite this my mood feels a bit low and dismal. It feels like midwinter is right around the corner ~ which, of course, it is.

Well I've got to go; I have nothing else to say online. I'm saying it all on paper. I hope one day finally to get published ~ and I mean properly published by real publishers who know how to promote books right around the world in all the major langauges.

But before that I have to write the bloody thing.

OK I'm off. Bye!

Illustrated: part of Roald Dahl's original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory manuscript...


I hate the carnival. I have been about four times and never had as much fun as I thought I would.
But I did used to love Pendragon...




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Bev said...

Im glad your working on writing the childrens book.I beleive that its harder then writing for adults.Heres a hot little kiss for mid winter bluesXoXo

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Akelamalu said...

"I cannot waste my life any more."

That's the most sensible thing I have heard you say in a long time Gleds - I so wish you well. xx

Gledwood said...

AKELAMALU: I know this sounds a negative way of putting it, but if my life is never getting better than now I might as well be dead. When I was young I never, EVER envisaged a life doing Nothing At All. Ever. I always wanted to make money and was willing to work every waking hour for the rest of my life to make that money. Not that money is so wonderful, but it's way better to be rich than poor, no question.

BEV: thank you darling. Yes it is harder, I am tearing myself apart over whether the word "errant" is too advanced for a 7 year old. Basically I'm leaving the longer words in. Children's literature is SUPPOSED to be educational and children do (or should) own dictionaries. So it's staying in!!!!!!

I can't send a kiss back today. I haven't cleaned my teeth properly. I can send back heat. My house feels too hot today (dunno why...)

Gledwood said...

Ukh Beverly what a pathetic comment. Sending you hot air indeed! There's enough hot air in this blog without my sending more your way!!

I know what's better: I'm sending you an e-schwarzwalder Kirschtorte ~ that is, a virtual Black Forest Gateau ~~ now how about that!!!

Syd said...

Glad that you are motivated with the books. Good for you, Gleds.

Anna Young said...

Good advice you unwittingly have me. I'm always reading books that would be my competition for the young adult novel I'm working on at the moment, and when I'm reading a book I can't help but insert their writing style in mine. It's like talking with someone whom has an accent and without even noticing you're beginning to mimic their accent.

Unlike you I have not mastered the art of words. You are truly talented and it would be a shame if your words are not put in print. Please finish.

The only thing I have going for me as a writer is unique perspective or voice or the way I interpret things. Yes, the last one. No-one interprets anything the exact same way, which gives a each writer a voice. As long as people enjoy reading the way you interpret what you have written.