Friday, 26 October 2012

I Don't Miss Drinking

I GAVE UP DRINKING about a month ago and I don't miss it at all. Of course I've had the odd can here or there to test my resolve... or, more to the point, see whether I still liked it, because I wouldn't give up alcohol for the sake of it. If you really like it, keep on doing it! is my motto.

So Gledwood doesn't like booze. How weird is that?

Here's the details I told BeverlyBabe:

bugerlugs63 said...
I'm so glad your day wasn't wasted Bev. I wished I could've stayed in bed today . . . But I had no choice. I keep starting to write a post and giving up as I'm not doing much good at the minute. Apart from bringing the kids up, I just keep using and I'm fed up of myself for it . . . But obviously not fed up enough. I hope something changes soon . . .
Anyway, It's good that you didn't have to spend today hungover, and ex-hubby looks happy. Take care, much love sent to you x x x
October 21, 2012 3:55 PM

Oh cripes! That's the wrong comment... here's me:~~~~~~~
Blogger Gledwood said...
I was fantasizing sexually about you last night when I suddenly had this big urge to ask detailed questions about your drinking habits eg do you drink every day? Would you call yourself a drinker, a drunk or an alcoholic? Are you one of those people who once you start cannot stop until you pass out? Have you ever been arrested for being drunk? Have you ever assaulted anyone or caused massive damage to property?

I used to call myself an aklie but never was one of those people who started but couldn't stop. I'd have the equivalent of a quadrouple vodka then drink fairly sedately from then on. Biggest I drunk on a daily basis averaged out at just over one full bottle of spirits and I could barely remember anything I'd done ~ real nice blackouts!

Love and Hot Chili Kisses

October 26, 2012 4:52 AM
Blogger Gledwood said...
O yeah I 4got 2 say the questions were meant to be an idea for a post. Ya know when you've got nothing else to say just crap on about your drinking!!

Seriously though I have deep need of these answers.

October 26, 2012 5:08 AM


Gledwood said...

Bugerlugs I hope you don't mind me stealing your comment like that. It kind of got lifted by accident and I thought it looked "authentic" kept in...

Gledwood said...

O GLEDWOOD you shyte! "1 COMMENT" ~~ i thought that was some interesting other person not just ME CARPING ON YET AGAIN (AND CRAPPING ON BUT MISSPELLING IT AS PER USUAL...)

bugerlugs63 said...

Gledwood . . . I don't mind at all. In fact it's quite a good explanation for anyone wondering why I haven't posted in two weeks . . . Kinda says it all really.
You seem to be rising with the Moon again?! Maybe.
I'm gonna try with all my might to get a grip this weekend . . . and to write something, anything.
Well, I suppose this is a start. Maybe I'll just start commenting here instead, as that's what led me to blogging last time . . . Yeah, good idea. Maybe this was your idea . . . If so, thanks.
Glad to "see" you're feeling alive and well. Take care, with love as always x x x

Gattina said...

I gave up drinking 6 years ago and haven't touched one drop ever since. I don't miss it at all, I feel much better and there is very good alcohol free beer around and even alcohol free wine and "champagne" with the strict % regulations when you drive a car, they had to invent something for those who have to drive !

Gledwood said...

BUGERLUGS: o yeah rehashing old comments left elsewhere into new posts is an excellent idea for the uninspired though I haven't done it nearly as often as intended, getting waylaid watching Andy Warhol playing dead (ie giving interviews) on Youtube/etc...

rising with the moon? that's a very good way of putting it

GATTINA: you didn't used to be an alcoholic, did you? Were you an episodic drunk? or did you just go off the flavour of alcohol like I did and though I omitted to put it in the post, hated the unreliable effect eg drinking it then just feeling heavy limbed, slightly achey and tired. Not attractive, not good!

Bev said...

Hi Bugerlugs.Nice to see you.
Gattina I dont like those non alcoholic bevreges you mentioned.If I dont drink wine I just have a ginger ale.The non alcoholic makes me just want the alcohol more.
Heres a baked beans flavored kiss dripping with sweet maple sauce for you Gledwood.You will be licking your lips all dayXoXo

Gledwood said...

I have long preferred stuff like chocolate milk or lemonade or Coke to anything alcoholic. During the days when I used to drink nothing at all but white cyder (7.5% ABV) I'd sometimes look longingly at all the "straight" or "regular" drinks yet barely ever indulge as I thought I couldn't afford them...

I hope the Baked Beans are Best-In brand and not Heinz as Heinz have very obviously changed their recipe removing half the sugar and the new beans are disgusting!

I'm sending back Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce Kisses XXXXXXX!!!

Father Sylvester said...

Jesus turned water into wine, but he never intended us to become wine bibbers. Good on you for having relinquished the Demon Drink!