Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Great Big Free New TV!

THIS AFTERNOON, when I finally woke up after four, I found a huge old TV set outside our house. So I got my methadone then dragged it into our house, plugged it in and... the flickery screen was covered in random red and green lines and the top of the picture wasn't there. But it warmed up to display a full screen of snow. So I plugged in the satellite box and ~ presto! ~ a beautiful 21" widescreen picture appeared (in letterbox format. I can't see the point of shelling out for a 16:9 telly if you can get that anyway on an old 4:3 set). The visual quality is far better than Pinky's ginormous 40"+ HD telly, when standard definition pictures look like they're being viewed through a fine mesh, as if the pixels don't line up properly.

And to think I was going to waste £150 ($238.96) on an HD TV/DVD combo. Which would have had to been FULL HD ~ 720 pixels are not enough ~ hey so now I can spend all that money on drugs!!!

Just kidding. Like I said yesterday I'm intending to buy a blue camera. Is 5x optical zoom enough? The best I could find for under £50 ($79.71) was 14 megapixel with 5x optical zoom; 7.2x digital zoom. For 10x zoom you needed to pay nearly £100 ($159.31). Do all digital cameras do macro close up mode? I really need that function because when I had a camera phone I was always photographing tree bark and moss. I would really like to get a close-up of a furry great bumble bee.

O yes and I was a bit manic all day yesterday. Pinky seemed to think I was completely nutty. Which is a bit like the pus calling the maggot white (differently politically incorrect way of mentioning a pot calling a kettle black because that's o so racist!) We were watching Donny Darko when I realized Real Housewives of New York were on the screen. It was because she had switched the film off because I was talking too much.

My elevated exuberant hyperactive mood lulled deceptively in the evening. Then I went to bed and had this constant feeling like I was rushing on Ecstasy. Which was really nice, just not very convenient. Finally I went to sleep after 6am and woke at midday and didn't want to get up so I drowsed all afternoon feeling most louche. And when I got up, my mood was still elevated. I find myself chuckling over nothing.

O and my legs ache. Because I was pacing pacing pacing full of a million ideas for great literary creations which I duly noted all over several sheets. Only to wake up and find my ideas weren't quite as distinguished as I'd thought...

Hey hum. I have to go because I'm going to be timed out but ~~~~~


It's Daewoo, by the way? Don't they usually make cars?


Anonymous said...

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Lori said...

Bang Bang! Congrats on being the proud owner of a fully working tv. You never know what the day will bring when you wake up. Sound like you will have a good day!

GLEDWOOD said...

O yeah there's nothing like a free retro television to get the day going sweetly!!!!

GLEDWOOD said...

I know that isn't the most flattering picture of a Daewoo TV but honestly the one I've got is so amazing it's unreal, the last large telly I had only showed 3 channels and I had to chuck it out because it was full of cockroaches...

Gledwood said...

Anonymous: what are you talking about? Obviously I spent several hours researching this of all posts as anybody who ACTUALLY READ IT could well tell~!!

darkko said...

that was a great read.
cheers from Los Angeles on your find!