Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mount Trashmore

I HAVE JUST CLEARED UP an entire mountain of rubbish. It has sat there for months on end, towering out of an armchair. At the top were bedclothes. In the middle, lots of old receipts and papers, plus rotting food that I couldn't even identify. At the bottom, endless cigarette ends were mingled in a white powder that I took to be salt. I'm not very good at housework.

I found some good NA leaflets in all that jumble. I was about to throw out one on meditation (surely the most boring activity I have ever tried), when I looked again and saw it was on MEDICATION. The gist seems to be that mental meds are fine; methadone is fine, but a person on methadone  doesn't count as "clean".

In the fridge I have some 25p stir-fry. it's mostly beansprouts, so if I don't use it today it'll go off. Hey I could have thrown it into that mountain of junk. It would have been totally at home there, mulching gradually down for months on end.

I'm going to try frying it with as little oil as possible. Usually I seem to add far too much, producing "vegetables in grease". Maybe I'll get some 25p chicken noodles. See how that goes.

It's still boiling hot. Last night was so "sultry" you could still walk around in a teeshirt past 11pm.

Right I'm off.


Furtheron said...

Seems cooler out here in Kent when I got off the train compared with the last two nights, I think tomorrow won't be as hot.

bugerlugs63 said...

Good to hear you're tackling your home . . . I find that the state of my home often reflects the state of my mind.
Gradually, room by room, corner by corner, I am clearing all things that are un-necessary - In my home, in my garden and in my mind.
Yes, one week at N/A I was very pleased to anounce "I've done five days clean this week"
Arsehole's (you know the guy who runs it) reply, loaded with sarcasm was;
"O well done, you've quit the methadone have you?"
Yeah, fuck you too (I thought).
I get the feeling he doesn't want me there . . . which just makes me all the more keen to be there.
It's weird because they are allowed anti-depressnats which can, as we know, fog the mind (or elevate it)just as much as methadone.
O well, good on you for starting the clear out. Keep at it.
With love x

CrystalChick said...

It's hot here too. After 7 pm and still 88F. Bleh! Thank goodness for A/C.

Our house has a lived-in look. No trash around or rotting food but lots of dust and assorted paperwork. And there is always laundry needing to be done.

Gledwood said...

Furtheron: it IS tomorrow and it's still excessively hot. It's orrible!

Actually I shouldn't complain. Really I don't like weather of any sort...

Bugerlugs: yes antidepressants definitely cause elevated mood. Yet they definitely work in eliminating depression. They USED to work on me. But the last time I took them was a rollercoaster-style disaster. Can't see myself going on THEM again...

Crystal Chick: I looked up the temperature and it seemed very cold. About 21C. Surely that isn't right..!

No I just looked it up: 26.8C... only 80F!

London feels so boiling because it is not built for the heat...

Syd said...

Good to clean up the mess, Gleds. And hope that you will go to NA, even if to listen.

Gledwood said...

I'm going to NA next Monday...