Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Pocket Gude to Aden

IT IS SUPPOSED to be colder today.  My house somehow felt hotter. The temperature this week has hovered around 80F, about 27C. That's the max UK temp, according to my dogged research. (Well I did check all of 2 websites and one had no weather information at all!)

I have been eating oven chips and a salad consisting of cucumber, spring onion, baby tomatoes and avocado all chopped and mixed with spinach, rocket and watercress leaves. I do not like lettuce and I barely put any dressing on any salad.

I went and took heroin yesterday. What a waste. Too weak for words. I blame the stress of my drunk friend Greg Arious. Well I have to blame somebody. OK I'll blame myself: I was weak. I've gotta go drug-free next week anyhow: I have another appointment at the methadone clinic to which I want to turn up clean. With my script "titrating" downwards, I have to abstain anyhow. Any using "on top" will only mess up my detox.

I found a hardback travel guide to Aden (modern day People's Republic of South Yemen) published in 1961. Packed with pages of ancient ads for Frigidaire: "The most exciting look in refrigerators to-day ~ that's Frigidaire's new Sheer Look"... Yardley: "Men who travel far make sure they are as well-groomed en route as they are when at home. They are not content, for instance, merely to include the best of shaving soaps or creams in their luggage. They pack Yardley After Shaving Lotion or 'Tender Skin' Lotion for Specially Sensitive Skins. Their bland, tonic touch braces and tones the skin: soothes every smart left by nicks and scrapes: leaves the fac looking and feeling its finest." (How wordy!) Oh yeah and Vauxhall cars: "Roll up! Roll up! Value is Vauxhall's theme for '61! Try the very latest Victors ~ see what the new rear window does for easy parking. Motor in the grand manner behind Vauxhall's stupendous new 113 horse power 'six' ~ power plant for '61 Velox and Cresta. Mitchell Cotts & Co. (Aden) Ltd. Cotts House, Crater, Aden. Telephone No. 2891 Cable MITTCOTTS ADEN. Your Vauxhall Dealer.

Even the editor admits: "It cannot be denied that the climate in the Colony is, for half of the year, unpleasant." That means summer humidity at 80% with a "temperature which rarely rises above 100F". Sounds marvellous.

There were only two radio stations and no television in Aden in 1961. "Those who are used to having ready-made entertainment "on tap", so to speak in the form of television, radio, a choice of cinemas showing the latest flims, theatre or music-hall and dance-halls will find Aden distinctly lacking in these amenities. T.V., in particular, has not reached Aden and there seems little immediate prospect of it doing so ~ in spite of the optimism displayed by a Little Aden resident whose house is decorated with distinctive aerials"!

I was going to send Welcome to Aden: A Services Guidebook published by Africa Publishing Company 1961 to the charity shop but haven't the heart. It makes very entertaining reading.






bugerlugs63 said...

Ahh! The Bee-Gees, now you're talking!
I have this vision of you; sitting amongst thousands of books, having to read each one, to decide whether they can go to the Charity shop, or not.
It won't get the flat cleared but there are worse things you could be doing . . . And you can educate us with your findings.
Good to hear that you're eating well . . . And taking responsibility for your actions ;-)
Take care, with love x

Bev said...

I like old books.I keep one called the 1964 blue diamond catalog and I cant part with it ether.I <3 BeeGees and one past away.RIP.Do you like raisins?You can ad them to your salad.Delish.

Liz said...

I love old adverts!

Take responsibility! Yes, you did, well done, now be strong and keep clean. We want you to live and be well, gleds.

Furtheron said...

So interesting what one word can do - you say "Yardley" and I'm back as a young lad at Brands Hatch watching Mike Hailwood driving around Brands hatch in a Yardley sponsored McLaren... Odd recollections...

Yep - I thought he heatwave was over so put a jumper on to walk to the station - mistake! And I've left my shades at home somewhere !

Akelamalu said...

I hope you can be strong and not use heroin. Keep well Gleds.

Gledwood said...

Bugerlugz: I cannot bear to take Aden to the charity shop; it's too much of a cracker! Reminds me of the elderly Readers Digests I used to collect going back to the 50s. Some of the ads in those were absolutely hilarious!!

Bev: raisins in salad? Had it, don't like it, I'm afraid. What's the blue diamond catalogue? Is the Hope Diamond in there?

Liz: thanks ;-)

Furtheron: I was sweating like a swine this morning, it was disgusting!

Akelamalu: thanks ;-) so do I ...

Susie said...

Hey Gledwood! I'm response to your comment on my blog about sick days, yes I do get paid sick and vacation days. In my industry, that is the norm. What is unusual is that they give you all the days up front, so if i'm really feeling terrible this week when I switch back to Subs, I could call in sick. Though I don't want to because i'm striving for perfect attendance in my first year to prove my dedication to the company. I want to prove to them and to myself that i'm reliable and honest. I want to care about something other than my habit.

Btw, i'm so honored that you read my blog! You are the original addict blogger and your life is infinitely cooler than mine. I was so surprised and flattered to read your comments! I love all things British, especially you! It's fascinating to read about your chemist and housing ordeals though I sympathize and wish you find happiness and peace. We should all get clean for the Queen! I also thought it was so great that Princess Kate choose to be a patron of an addiction charity. Maybe she'll make it easier for you to get what you need.

Enjoy your last hoorah!

P.s. I would've responded to your question on my blog but can't do it on my phone and don't have internet access except at work and i'm too scared to access my own blog from my work computer.

Me said...

Thanks for the honesty. As sucks-ville as relapse is at least you're honest about it.

Anywho,I hope next week goes well and your appointment at the clinic is successful.

Gledwood said...

Susie: Original addict blogger? Moi?? Never thought of myself that way... though I cannot recall anyone else who was blogging that way when I started... in fact I never found many other addict bloggers until that blogger "follow" function came out and suddenly where appeared to be loads!

My life is not cool though. Only cool as in freezing cold 1st thing in the morning because the METHADONE ISN'T WORKING PROPERLY. That kind of cool I get a lot of these days ha ha...

It turned out that was NOT the last hoorah so I can only look back at the Diamond Jub as a time I actually was trying to clean myself up. As opposed to the Golden One when I had no real drive to do the "right thing" at all... hence me begging on the street that afternoon, which I will always remember, to my great shame...

Me: I have a NEW CLINIC now. As of 28 June. THANK GOD I'M BACK THERE. The last place was terrible :-(

Gledwood said...

Susie: this is the comment I tried to leave on "$2500 buys a lot of dope" but was thwarted from doing so by Blogger. Or the computer. Whatever:~~~~~~

I've never heard it called a Finger before...

I could tell you a story about finding a finger on the street (it was 3x8ths) but everybody thinks I'm fantasizing when I tell this tale. It's here though in case you haven't read it before.


My old blog was so much more interesting, but this is what happens when druggies try and take away the drugs... what is left????????!!

Gledwood said...

Scargirl: this is the comment I wanted to leave on Ghostly Flu but YET AGAIN I'm prevented from doing so. What is wrong with this system??

I wouldn't worry too much about suffering with an audience... In a way nutters are easier to get on with than junkies. Less of the tiresome stories about how I got one over on someone or how the 10 ounces of gear I got caught with were 85% purity blah blah ... I always found drugs bend different people the same way, which is why NA meetings are so predictable. Good but very very predictable. At least when people go truly crazy they tend to do so after their own fashion and that will always make true nutters more interesting than addicts any day of the week!

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