Thursday, 7 June 2012

Deaf as a Post

I'VE GOT yet another drugs worker at the methadone clinic, my fifth in less than a year. My dose has gone down to 20mg daily. Next time, he's agreed to reduce it to 15.

I don't know what I'm going to do about my ear. I'm deaf on one side, with loud tinnitus. It's just ear wax but how anyone's going to get it out, I haven't a clue. I've been dropping Otex in there twice a day (propylene glycol (which seems to be a posh word for glycerin) and urea hydrogen peroxide 5% ) but it's doing nothing at all. Surely if it actually was breaking down the blockage, the excess would run out dark brown with dissolved wax. This is running out clear, suggesting it's done nothing at all. They say add five drops, but with an ear as completely bunged as mine, you cannot even tell whether anything has dropped in there at all, until afterwards.

Greg Arious's girlfriend Lou rang me today. if she ever was paranoid and psychotic, she seems to have made a remarkable recovery. I never actually saw her going nuts with a knife, so I only knew what I was told. People tend to label any abarrant behaviour as psychotic which annoys me. Psychosis means hallucinations, delusions or "grossly disorganized behaviour" ~ eg eating cigarettes or shitting on the floor. Wielding a knife might be scary but it's not necessarily psychotic. Well I'm glad she sounds OK. Whether or not she was technically psychotic or not is by the by. It's whether she's OK. That's what counts. She invited me to Greg's birthday but I can't really afford it. I seem to have far less money OFF drugs than on them. The other day I spent nearly £15 on 10 cigarettes, one litre of cyder, a litre of tropical fruit juice, Greek sesame bread sticks and hummus, a carrier bag full of salad, tinned sardines and fresh cherries. A couple of years ago that £15 would have gone on two bags of heroin, and I just wouldn't have bothered eating so well.

I've been taking the Seroquel (antipsychotic) purely for its calming effect. My bad ear has done my head in and I feel panicky all the time. The doctor is having a look at it tomorrow. I can't have it syringed for ages because the practice nurse is on holiday. So if I want it syringed, I'm going to have to do it myself. Is there any reason why I shouldn't syringe my own ear? How exactly do I do it? How long do I leave the warm water in there? Do I repeat the process over and over? If so, how many times and for how long? I've never had this problem, so I don't know what to do. I feel weird about dropping olive oil in there, so I've avoided doing that so far, but it sounds like that's the only remedy that's truly effective...

Now I have to rush: "Prince William at 30" is on ITV!

The Queen gives thanks for her Diamond Jubilee:~

Viper XXL: Hardtechno Anthem
The BBC is using this in their interprogramme trailers these days...


karl said...

I had my ears surynged once, I don't know why they call it surynging because there was no surynge used at all. The nurse just blasted my ears with warm water from a special little hose. It was amazing how much wax came out, I was working in a factory where you had to wear earplugs all the time & I suppose they just kept pushing the wax further & further down everyday.
It was great, all of a sudden there's a pop & you can hear again. karl

bugerlugs63 said...

Sounds like we lived a parallel life yesterday . . . I lived on Houmous & cherries, and watched William at 30!
I had Doritos though with the houmous . . . I know, far too many calories.
There's one good reason you shouldn't do your own ear, because you don't know how to ;-)
Leave it to the nurse; you don't want to damage your ear mechanics.
Glad Lou is OK.
Take care Gledwood, hope things are good, with love x

Akelamalu said...

Well done on the shopping - £15 on food is much better than £15 on heroin!

Don't try to syringe your own ears, you could do untold damage. Ask the doctor to do it for you in the absence of the nurse.

Gledwood said...

Karl: I've never had ear wax problems before. I used to get middle ear blockages in my late teens, and people very annoyingly kept telling me I needed my ears syringed when obviously syringing would have done nothing, because the problem was BEHIND the eardrum. Anyway I went to the dr today and found out there's barely any wax in my ear and that it's an outer-ear INFECTION. So I'm really glad I didn't try syringing it as I'd only have got a bad case of swimmer's ear...

Bugerlugs: do you know I lived on picnic food for years... Turkish bread and hummus and stuff like that. And I didn't look that unhealthy...!

Akelamalu: years ago I caught "swimmer's ear" from an earplug that broke off and got lodged inside my ear for several days. I eventually tweezed it out but not until the ear was really infected. I was still deaf when the plug came out. So I wouldn't dare play around with my ear, I've had too many problems in the past...

Anna Young said...

I've a question, you always have pictures on your blog relevant to the post. I assume y you'er getting them from googeling images, but how on earth to you get them on your blog posts? When I click to add photos I have not seen a place where it days find on google images. There is however a place that says URL. So I've concluded that is how you are posting pictures off the web. Hmm, what the hell is an URL?

Gledwood said...

what you do is find a picture by searching google images, OR by finding a picture on a website where your cursor turns to a hand as it crosses it... you get to the url of the picture and put THAT into the box, then the image will appear in miniature and you know you have it and you put THAT on the text to your blog. If it's too big, you just alter the pixle sizes to somewhere between 200x200 to 300x300 and that won't look too big... I hope this is clearer than mud...

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