Wednesday, 13 June 2012



Back to where I really belong!!

Where the shops stay open 24-7 and there's foreign exchange students galore plus amazing television reception!

Best of all, the new place is on the ground floor, with full access to the back garden!

And there's a washing machine ~ thank God.

Plus I can go back to my old methadone clinic, where they know me and where you can actually see a doctor if you're ill. Basically I can't get away from the old place fast enough.

My landlord's handyman has moved half my stuff. Only the itty-bitty things are left: books, CDs, papers, kitchenware and sundries. I'm skipping the Seroquel (antidepressant/antimanic/antipsychotic that zonks me) tonight and staying up as long as it takes. Mark, the handy van driver, will be here for me at 9am sharp.

Once I've moved I'm going straight back to my old druggieclinic to beg an immediate transfer. Wish me luck ...

Only downside to the new area: it's so rife with drugs I've picked free heroin and crack of local pavements on numerous occasions...

On the plus side, the new address is in walking distance of five NA meetings.

I'm not sure: should I take my empty hamsteries with me ? I could hide them in a giant tartan laundry bag ... (If he sees them Mark might report me to the landlord for keeping pets.)

I'd better go and get packing... I am too excited for words!

PS: My  hearing returned last night, stayed  with me for half an hour this morning until I sprayed the ear and DMMMMMMMM!! (Tinnitus sound.) I'm instantly deaf again! And stayed deaf all day, until I accidentally burped with my mouth closed: this popped my ear and the hearing returned more crystal sharp than ever! Tell me if I'm being illogical, but doesn't this imply a middle-ear problem? My hearing is gradually getting worse again, but I'm scared of deliberately popping my ear... How could one spritz of fine mist, a fraction of 1ml of medication, make me so profoundly deaf all day? I'm wary of using that spray again until I see a doctor on Friday... Who might finally reveal what is wrong with me!


Furtheron said...

Good luck with the move

And the ear - I've had hearing issues on and off for 20 odd years, some my own fault, playing in rock bands without protection was daft! But misdiagnosis didn't help - I get Tinnitus and also an aura that is similar related to my migraines....

bugerlugs63 said...

WAYHaY!! Just got in from N/A and saw this post . . . SO SO happy for you, at last!!!
I've been "praying" (whatever you want to call it) for something good to happen to you ASAP! This is such great news.
Yes, of course take the empty "nests" . . . You've got kids now, responsibilites (Itty and bitty). They can't accuse you of keeping pets whilst they're empty; they could be for soaking your feet in!?
This is just what you need, Hope the local N/A is one where you feel comfortable as they really do differ.
Us determined addicts can always score wherever we are, I wouldn't worry abour living closer to the drugs; enjoy getting your new place sorted, I look forward to hearing about it.
Proper pleased for you, with love x

bugerlugs63 said...

Ps, went back to re-read, only just saw the garden bit! . . . you can plant something, that's brilliant x

Akelamalu said...

This all sounds good (apart from drugs being freely available, I have a feeling things are going to get better for you Gleds. x

smackhead said...


Gledwood said...

Furtheron: tinnitus is a terrible thing. That's why when I used to go out a lot I took to stuffing my ears with cotton wool, or using cut-off wax earplugs (because the full-length ones look ridiculous). Anything to avoid days of endless droning sounds in the ears. The dr said they're both fine but there's a "bit of wax" in the good one. I'm not doing anything to get it out. Not worth it!

Buggerlugs: I didn't take any hamster stuff, there just wasn't room. Boohoo. I didn't write a very good post about it today because I was so knackered... I dunno. It's great though. At least the second best place I've ever lived if not the best...

Akelamalu: I certainly 'ope so!

Smackie: I think I've come across your blog before... I'm going there now...