Monday, 18 June 2012

Proving Where I Am To Get Away From The Middle Of Nowhere ...

IT'S 4:30 in the afternoon and I'm tired to the point of "somnolence" ~ shutting my eyes to microsleep at tireless inconvenient junctures.

I went to bed so extremely late last night, I wouldn't look at the time so's not to find the lateness of the hour horrendous enough to cause sleep to flee even further from me. Being as I'd set my alarms from 8am to 8:30 in order to get to my chemists to drink my dose in good time to get to the methadone clinic ~ soon to be my ex-clinic, though I won't believe that until I've picked up my first dose from the pharmacy at the end of my new road. Instead of the old one two bus rides and 40 minutes from my home.

So I had little more than four hours' brainfrazzled rest last night. Seemingly propped up in bed, head not even in contact with the pillow, eyes wide open!

On Thursday 28th I've a doctor's appointment down the new druggieclinic, which is the place I always went for years and years, the place where I feel most at home. The place that really helped me out when I was having a florid mental breakdown less than 18 months ago. The other clinic don't even offer psychiatric support, so if I'd been there I'd never have got to see a doctor, let alone got medication and a diagnosis all under the same roof my methadone scripts were dished out.

My one Issue of Stress: I am required to have a GP in this London borough in order to sign up officially with their methadone service. Getting a GP in London is not always easy as many are so deluged by immigrants their lists are permanently full.

To get any GP, it's necessary to present two proofs of address. I don't even have one, considering my landlord hasn't even given me a new tenancy agreement, saying the new one is simply an extention of the old. Housing Benefit will not accept that fob-off, so I rang my housing manager, who's arranged for me to sign new paperwork on Thursday morning.

I rang the DSS this morning to change my details on their system. They've agreed to send me a proof of benefit. So hopfully by the end of the week I'll have enough paperwork to attain this elusive GP. The idea that I could be stuck at the old methadone clinic for weeks on end purely because I can't prove where I happen to live is just unthinkable ~ but it could happen. And it's the sort of thing that would happen to me if I didn't get my arse in gear and start letter-collecting!

I've been Mr Practicality today. Running so many washloads through my new Personal Washing Machine that the washing powder's all gone. The pound shop at the end of my road sold me washing liquid, conditioner and about fifty clothes pegs in plastic and wood for under £5. I live in a bargainacious area ...

My schizoaffective friend Pinky was released from hospital this afternoon. She's back at home with the most ginormous flatscreen TV I've ever seen in such a pokey room... Of course she was watching the Pick TV show where angry Chinese people are fined for attemptedly lugging petrol tanker loads of deathwatch beetle-crawling traditional Asian vegetables in their handluggage through Sydney international airport and can't understand why there's a camera crew in their face and they're being punished ... Finally Pinky got her Personal Itching salve last night. She says her private parts are calming down nicely ...

My Mum wants to meet me today but hasn't got back confirming the time. She wanted to give me her "thank you for your enquiry" letterheaded proof of address in person. In fact, just about everyone I know in possession of headed paper, including the old druggieclinic, is writing to my new address thanking me for enquiring about their business or charity or for taking their methadone... or whatever it is they do. So when the time does come to demonstrate I've left the London Borough of Crudsville for once and for all, I'll be in possession of a petroltanker full of correspondence to prove it.

Well I don't know if Mumzy is going to get back to me; I left a message over an hour ago. When I do go home I know I'm going to hit unconsciousness the second my bum contacts my sofa ...

Illustrated: the laundry liquid I purchased for £1.29; a "proof of address" card (we don't get them here); men apparently get personal itching too; a tube of soothing "intimate gel" ...


Furtheron said...

You know there was so much hohar about an identity card but then - here is another example of something where just something saying who you are, where you live etc. would be so useful... I never really got all the complaints about it - and the stupid argument to introduce it to stop terrorism was dumb. Why do govts continue to use the wrong reason for things they have to do... it is like they can't tell the truth even when it is a good idea?

bugerlugs63 said...

It's a joke isn't it . . . I had to get a formal phoitographic ID card to get into prison, yet still have to take in my Birth certificate and two proofs of address! Madness.
Some of those (false)economy wash liquids/powders don't wash very well . . . But it depends how bad your washing is. My kids get grass stains, oil and ribena; the worse three.
I hate electricity and gas payments. I have a "pay as you use" card on both meters to avoid huge bills. It does help.
I hope you got to see your Mum and that all is well at your new place. With love x

Gledwood said...

"Personal itching" ~ why was I writing about that?? ... How bloody childish!

Furtheron: in a way I wish they had introduced the identity card (if it was free) ~ at least then I'd be able to prove who I was! If it's going to cost £60 anyway you might as well get a passport. Which should be free anyhow... Govts do everything wrong & stupid because they are stupid & wrong!

Bugerlugs: my washing liquid seemed to work fine, but my clothes are never so much dirty as smelly and 'orrible.

My gas has a "build up to a nuclear explosion of debt" quarterly metre. How on earth I'm gonna pay that I have no idea... By the way I even bought fabric softener yesterday, for £1.39. It was blue, and the washing liquid was yellow. The guy kept trying to sell me a pink one; don't know what he was trying to say by THAT but there you go...

Yeah why on earth is a PRISON of all places so obsessed with who you are?

Only ID I have is my expired passport and if they won't take that they'll have to take a bank card as reference. Birth certs never have been "identification" as anyone who happens to know your date and place of birth can apply for a copy!

Bev said...

You have your own washing machine?Great.I bring mine to the laundermat and I usually go a couple times in winter and a couple times in summer.I wash my panties and other thinks in a little tub with dish soap.dish soap is stronger.The laundernat is so hot in summer and sometimes a friend will let me use there washer and i can bring my cloths home to dry in my bathroom.I have a line in it for drying.I missed you and was thinking about you but i was not on my pc for a while.I love you.

Akelamalu said...

I hope you manage to get the GP and clinic sorted out Gleds. x

Gledwood said...

Bev: you can bring your washing round mine any time you like. Just beware of those pesky excess weight restrictions the airlines use as an excuse for screwing extra money outta you... I hated using the laundrette so much I made sure I always had 2 weeks worth of socks undies and teeshirts so make trips there as infrequent as possible. Horrible place. The man used to accuse me of overloading the machine every time. To try and get another £2 out of me to use the giant one. Bastard!

Akelamalu: I haven't had one single piece of mail yet. My Mum wrote me a fake letter in response to my enquiry about a training course, but a really picky surgery wouldn't take that as it's not "official"... I see the council tomorrow, who should give me a proper contract so that's ONE piece of official proof if nothing else...

If I can't arrange a new GP quick enough I'm just going to give the name and address of my old one, which was just up the road from where I am now, and hope for the best!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you ever post pictures of yourself?

Gledwood said...

I don't know how to get photos from camera to blog: that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Also people who know me would eventually find out and it would give them even more cause to laugh at me, so I don't do it.

Boring, huh

Gledwood said...




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