Saturday, 28 July 2012

20 mls of methadone is holding me!

YES I FEEL FINE on 20 mg methadone! A miracle has happened! How amazing is that. Once upon a time I needed more than a hundred to feel even borderline OK. But it holds me well enough now that I can leave it till 3 in the afternoon before bothering to take the next day's.

+ I went to NA last night. (+ left before the group hug ~ ukkkhhhh. I keep forgetting about the group hug. If I did remember, I'd never want to go...)

Also I met an NA member on the street yesterday evening (that's what prompted me to go). He said I had changed beyond recognition. No longer having hair running alive with cockroaches. That'll always do the trick. (Also the first time he ever saw me at NA I was in a full-on manic episode; EVERYONE assumed I was high on crack ~ the suspicious bastards!) By the way when I died me barnet white last year it got rid of all my dandruff? I also heard hair dye kills nits. Which I caught about 3 or 4 times during the course of my heroin "career". I might even have caught body lice (off the local Crusties) (can't they (the lice, not the crusties) infest the hair too?) but I never would have known it because back in the 90s I washed my clothes every single day. Yep I was Washing Machine Man. Even today I don't use a laundry basket; I put everything that's been worn straight in the machine.
Yesterday I got rid of a huge Murderer's bloodstain (it did look like I'd been doing home butchery) from the left leg of my jeans. I soaked it in a lake of Easy washing liquid plus spray-on stain remover, until the brown blood was curling into the yellow (lemon flavour liquid).

Well I have to go now. Time's running low. I think next time I go down the druggieclinic (Monday) I should test heroin-free. That will be a first. (Not that I've never tested clean. By the way my first EVER clean test, in more than 7 years of continuous methadone prescription, was LAST YEAR!!) I haven't tested clean since I've been back at my old clinic, that's all.


Have a charming weekend Everyone...



This haunting tune is actually by Sting. But I think the Babes sing it better...



karl said...

20mls that's excellent ! You must be well pleased, wont be long before your off completely. Are you gonna switch over to subutex ? I switched over from 12mls of meth once, it was a piece of cake ! I even felt out of it from the subies !
Peroxide & bleach kill lice & nits better than the stuff you're supposed to use.
Take care X

bugerlugs63 said...

Indeed! 20mls is excellent, well done Gledwood.
It's rare and very unlucky for a male to get nits . . . four times is extremely unlucky!!
My kids have had them so many times over the years (from school) . . every time I got them too, yet none of my partners ever did. And Stropster never had them after the age of 14.
Hair dye kills the lice but not the eggs, much like most of the treatments . . . they're a bastard to get rid of.
Good to hear you sounding postive and pleased with yourself, love x

Anonymous said...

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Akelamalu said...

My head's itching like mad now you've mentioned nits! LOL

Well done on the Methadone.

Bev said...

Everythings sounds good with you.How did you get blood stains on your cloths?Im glad it came out in the washer.I spray my stained cloths with spic and span spray it even takes out ring around the collar.Come a see me please I feel down and out and hard up this weekend.

Bev said...

Gledwood I left you info on Dorothy Kilgallen in your older post about Grace Kelly.Night-night bedy be for me.

Anonymous said...

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Gledwood said...

KARL: I'd really like to switch to Subutex but am afraid of what might happen to my Mental Equilibrium because the previous time I went on it, about 8 years ago, my sleep was very badly affected. Down to about 4 hours per night, and even after that, just 6 hours per night. My "normal" sleep range is 8-10 hours. 6 is definitely abnormal for me. Sleep loss is widely acknowledged as a trigger factor for bipolar Mania, so there's a real chance Subutex might set me off bigtime and THAT'S what I'm so scared and cautious about...!!!

Re: peroxide and bleach ~~ I think they kill off the nits (eggs) as well as the full-bodied lice, which nit shampoo will never seem to do. You always have to time 2 shampooings so that the lice are wiped out and then any eggs they have laid get a chance to hatch so you blitz their babies before they get old enough to lay yet more eggs... (otherwise you'd need 3 shampooings to kill off generation 3 also...) know what I mean?

Also the hair dye, which was the lightest Schwarzkopf do, named Absolute Platinum, made my head BURN and I was half-minded to follow the instructions directly and wash it off. But I persisted and looked really funky with my white hair. Of course I missed bits first time round and had to repeat the process 3 days later, but that's just me for ya....!!

BUGERLUGS: I used to have long hair, which once made me look pre-Raphaelite, which I really liked... and then I ended up with long hair, which I hated, but I couldn't think of any short style which I actually wanted... until one day I did what I'd long fantasized about and took a pair of scissors to it and WHAM! Short hair. Then my step-Dad bought me head clippers, which it took me a year actually to get round to using. And ever since then I've clippered my hair on the longest setting. There's barely any room for nits now. And it looks better than any other haircut I've had my entire life through!

AKELAMALU: it does make you itchy. I even had a hamster once named Itchy Roborovski because the other 2 licked her half to death, so she looked all bashed up and soaking wet half the time!

Yeah I'm really pleased about the methadone. When they dropped me from 25mg to 20mg before, I felt just slightly sick and in withdrawals. Too much so to go on. But now I'm fine with it... which is absolutely amazing. A miracle from God ~~ it has to be :-)

BEV: OK I'm going to look at Dorothy K now ;-)

The bloodstains were from me injecting into the bottom of my legs. One of the veins must have carried on and on and on bleeding for it looked like half a swimming pool of blood from my lower calf. I seriously doubted the washing liquid would get it out, but amazingly it did... even though it was £1 shop brand!!

Furtheron said...

The news on the dosage is brilliant - so you can achieve that, just think that you can achieve the ultimate goal of totally being free of it.

Huge kudos to you sir I know this one has been a "stretch goal" as they say in all the HR rubbish stuff... :-)

Gledwood said...

What do you mean by "HR" ~??
To me that's like having an industrial job, like my old ones at large corporations where the HR dept is Human Resources. What always used to be quite adequately described as PERSONNEL..!!

When I go down to the really low doses I'm going to reduce by fractions of 1ml... 2.9... 2.8...2.7...2.6... and so on. The clinic won't do that (though I cannot see why not) so obviously I'm going to have to help myself.

The clinic should be flexible and commonsensical enough NOT to insist on a 50% drop from 2mg to 1mg... why on earth not measure out fractions of 1 millilitre? If I can do that at home, THEY can do it in the chemist. And they can bloody well use a calculator to add up the 1ml fractions on my script!!

But yeah, I'm really really happy to be able to go on the subhuman dose of 20mg!

madinsanecrazy said...

Getting better by the ml
Great result

Gledwood said...

Yeah the reductions are 1mg per week and I cannot feel them at all :-)

Anonymous said...

The very best way to get rid of lice, the buggies and thier evil little eggs, is coconut oil. Put it in hair and leave in over night. It like acts like acid to them, totally kills them all and disilves the glue that sticks the eggs to the hair, i believe that it actually kills the eggs to. It really is a miracle. Those evil little buggers try to stick around FOREVER. COCONUT OIL IS THEIR ARCHENEMIE, WORKS WONDERS. Also leaves your hair in really good condition.