Tuesday, 3 July 2012


EARLIER this year, a top weather-forecaster appeared on television to declare that, once the rains had cleared, 2012 would be a "barbecue summer". Ha! The rains have failed to desert us. So far we've had a squelchy Diamond Jubilee, whose lowlight involved our 86 year-old sovereign and her faithful 91 year-old consort dragged up a drear and grey River Thames on an open-top barge where she felt compelled to stand in open view for more than two hours as the weather changed from cloudy and chill to misty drizzle to absolute downpour, as the nation looked on via the luxury of TV. Those who did turn out to see her were mostly shielded by umbrellas or pac-a-macs. But the poor Queen had nothing but an expensive-looking hat and scarf to shield her from the cruel elements. Poor Prince Philip was so affected he was taken to hospital the next day, and forced to miss the rest of the National Celebrations.

Well the weather is still soggy. It has rained just about every day this past fortnight. How typical that when I finally move to a place with the luxury of a washing machine plus access to fresh-air drying in the garden, my clean clothes should come in, after three days on the line, with all the freshness of a late autumnal camping holiday in the Scottish Highlands.

My own mood is matching the elements. I awoke to the bangs and murmurs of a family of gnomes in the cellar. Then realized this was but a dream. It was midday when I finally got up. I'd overslept by four hours (normally I like to get up by 8) a sign that my body is going into depression. I wandered around feeling paranoid and jumpy. Kept thinking about my blog and yet another methadone rant posted yesterday. How I felt like a stuck record. How bored I am with myself. I opened my comments fearing a slurry of insults; but, surprisingly, every comment was positive.

As you will have noticed, I started a blogroll. Obviously your blog won't be there. So if you are left out, please leave a message and I'll make the necessary amendments.

Cheerio. I hope your day was dryer and more cheerful than mine. (It wasn't that wet in London by the way: ONLY WHEN I STEPPED OUTSIDE!)

Illustrated: typical London view in soggy weather; they only produced this umbrella after Elizabeth II had spent an awfully long time out in the wet and cold...



From 2002 Invincible album


Furtheron said...

Rain tomorrow morning... same old, same old and I thought it only rained on me when I walked outside - that happened twice today!

Anna Young said...

I would kill for a fortnight of rain. Here in Wisconsin, and pretty much everywhere in the continental United States it is sweltering hot. 100+ forecasted all the way through the weekend. (how long is a fortnight? I think it's three weeks.)

As for your "methadone rants" I don't understand why you would think everyone would slag on you because you've written about what you're thinking and feeling. I'm willing to put money on the reason a lot of your readers come back is because of your rants. I know I love reading your 1000 word rants that often have very similar themes. You have this ability to put your thoughts into words, articulating everything so well. (not sure if articulate only applies to spoken words)

Keep overthinking, obsessing about, and/or complaining in your blog posts. I for one love it. I do hope you feel better, and blogging can help do that. Overthinking is proven to cause depression. By writing all those thoughts down, it gets those thoughts to stop circling round and round your head.

Syd said...

I'm catching up here finally. Passed another exam today. Only two more to go. Sad that the Queen wasn't shielded from the elements but I imagine her as very stoic.

Akelamalu said...

Apparently all the rain is due to the Jet Stream being in the wrong place at the moment. If it would just move further north, where it's supposed to be, we would be having a nice summer!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say again, thanks for totally not helping me in London and if one day you find yourself in Sydney I look forward to not helping you
Mark R

Anonymous said...

Actually im sorry you didn't know me. I understand why you didn't help. I really do, good on u gledwood!! Keep posting!!

Mark R

bugerlugs63 said...

Tis indeed a misbehaving Jet stream . . . and no-one knows how long it could misbehave for.
Ear drops have started working.
Take care, with love x

Gledwood said...

FURTHERON: and it's still pouring today!

ANNA: Wisconsin seems to have a really extreme climate. As for the methadone rants, I suppose I know I'm not being completely fair because if methadone wasn't available and NOTHING was available I'd be well and truly fucked. I'm just angry that we had a system in this country that helped the addicted with the drug they were addicted to ~ I mean even smokers get nicotine patches. Not patches of something completely different that happens to be cross-tolerant with nicotine... Akh. The whole thing annoys me. And I annoy myself.

SYD: congratulations on the examinations. Yeah HM the Q is nothing if not stoic!

AKELAMALU: oh yeah. Isn't that something to do with the Gulf Stream?... Or is one an ocean current and one a prevailing airflow? Who knows!

MARK: I've never met anyone at all through this blog. And seem to have caused lots of offence by not wanting to take a relationship struck up through here any further, so you're not exactly alone :-(

BUGERLUGS: the eardrops have started working? Thank God! I hope they don't do what they seemed to do to me and make you MORE DEAF!!

Bev said...

I got the air conditioner on when Im home.I sleep like an ice cube.I dont have money for most things exept the ac.I need it blowing on me and to feel half frozen.

Gledwood said...

I'd love air conditioning. What I have now is the luxury of back door access to our back garden. So when it gets really hot (as it hasn't yet this year) I'm going out there.

I had to leave my massive fan behind 2 or 3 houses ago. Next time I'm buying a portable desktop one with blades a couple of inches shorter. But at least I can take that with me when I eventually go.

I'm one of those arch-complainers who feels too cold under air-con; too hot when I'm outside. Never happy! I think opiate addiction has a lot to do with it as I never had temperature trouble or Sweating Like A Swine issues before heroin came along and especially methadone...

Gledwood said...


The London tube is amazing... our best feature. I can get from my home to central London in just over 20 minutes, something that would be impossible in many cities of equivalent size.

As a Londoner, I just wanted to wish you a very happy stay in this, the most Superior City on earth!

ps some good attractions:

~Tate Gallery (Millbank; Pimlico tube) excellent for Pre-Raphaelite pictures (FREE)
~Tate Modern (South Bank) modern art (FREE)
~National Gallery (Trafalgar Square; Charing Cross or Leicester Square tube) (FREE)
~Harrods ~ the most amazing shop on earth. Ties with Macy's NYC with 1,000,000 sq ft selling space... they sell just about everything.
~Buckingham Palace (Victoria or Green Park tube) see how her Maj lives! from there you can walk down the Mall to the Houses of Parliament; St James's Park is v near, central London's prettiest park
~Charing Cross Road for bookshops (Tottenham Court Rd or Leicester Square tube) currently there is a huge construction project for a new rail station so best get there from Leicester Square... Foyles always used to be the "biggest bookshop in the world" (probably the most disorganized bookshop if the truth be told!)
~One of the best walks is the Embankment or the South Bank from Tower Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge, you'll see the Houses of Parliament and everything... an excellent walk at sundown
~The London Eye (Westminster tube) is a giant ferris wheel. It costs about £19 and is well worth it. Website: http://www.londoneye.com/TicketsAndPrices/Tickets/Default.aspx
~The British Museum (Russel Square tube) is a museum of antiquities. Last time I went entry was FREE
~Victoria and Albert Museum, a museum of culture
nearest tube South Kensington (entry FREE)
~Natural History Museum and Science Museum (South Kensington tube) FREE
~London Zoo (Camden Town or Regents Park tube)
~Madame Tussauds (Baker Street tube) life-sized and often very realistic models of the famous and historical
(nearest tube Tower Hill)

this is just what came off the top of my head. I hope you have an excellent trip!!:-) ;-) :-)

Anonymous said...

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