Thursday, 5 July 2012

Today Illustrated...

TODAY'S WEATHER was a bit like

a desert...

I still feel a bit


rain is forecast.

I went to Pinky's and watched

The Kardashians.
With sisters named Khloe, Kourtney, Kim etc, what happens to mail addressed to "Miss K Kardashian"..?

I'm going to

bed early.
(Unfortunately it's not as exotic as that one.)

Hopefully then I can

get up early.


yeah I do wanna be


Z said...

Dilly's parents both have the initials PJ, so they gave their three daughter's the same initials. I asked Dilly once what happened to letters addressed to 'Miss P J H******.' "That was easy," she said. "I was the oldest, I opened it."

Hope today is a good day chez Gledwood.

Akelamalu said...

Love the picture story. It's p*****g down here.

Gledwood said...

Z: that sounds remarkably inconvenient for the others!

Akelamalu: t'was raining here today too (Friday)

Bev said...

I dont watch the Kardashians.To rich for me and cant relate.I dont want to suppoert ppl that filthy rich.But it can give you a laugh for that it is worth it.

Gledwood said...

That was the first time I'd seen it because it was on a channel I didn't used to get.

All I could think about was all that money and how tiny their kitchen-diner seemed to be.

Z said...

True, but being the oldest has to have some privileges! I was the youngest in my family, mind you.

Fallen Angel... said...

Hey gled (hope its OK to call yu gled lol not sure way else to say bcz I hate when sumone says just hey or hey yu sorry I get distracted easily lol) I have been reading your blogs for a few weeks now. Ive been attempting getting sober for 3 weeks as of yesterday. My situation is kinda complicated in the fact my drug use was A.) a huge secret from everyone in my life B.) no one nd I mean no one in my life uses drugs unless yu consider weed a drug but I do not nd my husband has smoked daily for years but a big reason is bcz its been proven to slow the growth of his brain tumor. Anyways im getting distracted yet again. I just wanted to leave a comment and say hello considering for the last 3 wks ive been reading your blog along with a few others daily and its helped me a lot. Being my drug use is a secret nd no one I kno does drugs especially H (my DOC) I have had so many questions but have had no one to talk to. Ive started a blog of my own nd hopefully my internet OS fixed soon nd I can get my other posts up soon. But wanted to say hello nd thank yu for helping me make it thru sum rough times. Please stop by nd read my blog if yu ever get bored nd want sumthin to read to put yu to sleep lol

Gledwood said...

Z: i was the oldest and can vouch how superior that makes one ha har!

FALLEN ANGEL: I've tried & tried to post comments at yours but the BASTARD THING WON'T LET ME!!

I kept my heroin use secret for a long time because a several of my friends made it clear they didn't want to know someone who'd even TRIED the stuff, let alone did it on any kind of ongoing basis, let alone had any kind of habit. And yet these were people who snorted cocaine at the weekends and seemed to think they were "it". Cocaine never really agreed with me. The biggest irony was that heroin gave me all the feelings other people describe from cocaine... and it had to be my secret. The only people who knew were the local homeless posse who hung around in the park just up the rd from my house...

I will try again to leave a comment. I don't know why it won't let me but it's a problem I've had with quite a few blogs. Ik-khhhhuhhhh-l-kkkkkh-hh.

Gledwood said...

No I'm not learning some mysterious North African language. That k-khhhhuhhhh-l-kkkkkh-hh is a show of frustration. Because some blogs that used to reject my comments now let me speak. But yours still won't. And I've no idea why... ?(?_)