Monday, 30 July 2012

The Demented Psychopath!

TODAY I met an old beggar who I hadn't seen for years. He used to raise change across the road from me back when I was a beggar too. I have to say, the years have not been kind to him. He has gone grey and haggard, and more to the point, has gone down with alcoholic dementia! He's the only person I've ever met who seemed proud and pleased to be Demented.

In his teens he said he beat up his games teacher and so was incarcerated for several years in a mental hospital, diagnosed with a personality disorder. I quizzed him closely on this and it turns out he was an Antisocial Personality Disorder. So I kept saying "O wow! You're a real life Demented Psychopath!" to which he eventually started to take exception (and of course he was drunk) until I pointed out that I'm a manic-depressive junkie. And then he was laughing at me.

We sat for over an hour on the high street as people breezed past throwing disparaging glances. Especially when Ronald (for that's his name) was glugging more alcohol down his neck (which seemed to be the large marjority of the time.)

Then a drunken Pole came and joined us with a fire extinguisher sized bottle of white cyder, telling us in very broken English, that the electricity in his one-bedroom flat cost £20 a month. Which is more than double what mine costs. I also have gas, which is costing £5 a month at the moment, though I have an overdue bill (which the neighbours had tossed in the bin, along with about 500 parking ticket notices and court summonses for the deadbeat upstairs) requesting payment for more than three times the amount of gas actually used. Estimated bills are a real pisser.

The police drew by and gawped at us on several occasions, but we never got reprimanded. The local shops are a "Controlled Drinking Zone", which means streetside supping is banned.

Then it was too late and I was starving.

Well they say a man is known by his friends and one of mine is a True Life Demented Psychopath ~~ so what does that say about me~??






I got five Orbital albums today for £16 ... this is a beautiful tune. I used to play it every night to make me sleep...



bugerlugs63 said...

Wow, that's cheap. I put at least £10 per week in my leccy meter, and £10 in the gas meter (£15 or 20 in the winter!) yes per WEEK!!
I can't see your post now and I've forgotten what I was gonna say!
O well, I'll pop back later, Take care x

Jeannie said...

You have interesting friends!

We pay about $100/month for electricity and another $100 for water and gas although it goes much higher esp for gas in winter.

Gledwood said...

BUGERLUGS: the reason my gas is so low is probably that I only use it for enough hot water for a 2-minute shower, and because when I cook I'm only using one ring on the hob, for about 10 minutes. You've got kids, so I expect you have three rings going at once... + x4 or x5 the amount of hot water usage... etc etc

JEANNIE: oh yes I've always had fascinating friends. I've never been afeared of the Unusual..! $100 a month is about £65. That comes to about £16 a week... if you're heating and lighting an entire family with that, then it's not bad.

I'm thinking of asking for a water meter as I bet I'm going to use a fraction of the water they'll charge me for...

Bev said...

Does your friend look like that?In the pix?I dont have a big gas bill in the winter I keep the heat on 60F some times 62.I can sleep with no heat at night but i cant freeze the pipes.XoXOxO


so what does that say about me~??


Gledwood said...

BEV: you're lucky. Do you live in a hot part of the USA? Didn't you say you lived near Wisconsin or Chicago..? I thought the weather was really extreme ~ hot summers/cold winters ~ out there...

No he looks like a 50 year old man, but he's only in his lower 40s. I think he looks older because he drinks too much.. :-(

MADINSANE: I'm not sure this person literally is a psychopath at all. I read a book in the library by John Ronson about how psychopaths rule the world. It says psychopaths are classically extremely charismatic and are very very good actors, who mimic human emotions without feeeling them. This person seems more narcissistic. He never appears to take anything truly seriously, even though he's lived on the street as an alcoholic crack addict for years. He does live in a halfway house now. And his mother collects all his state benefits for him. He doesn't even know (so he says) how much money he gets! And doesn't care, so long as he can carry on drinking...

HyipBox said...

With that kind of utility bills where do you find the money for booze?