Thursday, 12 July 2012

Death of the Billion Dollar Junkie

EVA RAUSING, 48 year-old wife of Hans Rausing, 49, heir to the £5 billion ($8 billion) Tetra Pak drink carton fortune, has been found dead at the couple's £50 million ($80 million) Belgravia mansion here in London.

Eva made the news in 2008 after she was busted attemptedly bringing heroin and crack into a reception at the American embassy in Mayfair. Their home was raided and about £2000 worth of crack cocaine seized. For this she was sternly reprimanded by the Metropolitan Police and then let off scott-free ~ a move that was roundly criticized at the time.

The daughter of a top American Pepsi Cola executive, Eva met Hans at an American rehabilitation centre in the 1990s. Despite giving millions to drug charities, the couple continued to be plagued by their own addictions.

Hans was stopped for bad driving on Tuesday night and found to be in possession of crack cocaine. His home was then raided, leading to the discovery of his wife's dead body in a bedroom. Police suspect that he lived with her corpse for over a week. It is expected that Mr Rausing, who is currently undergoing in-patient psychiatric care, will be charged with concealing the dead body.

What else can I say? What a sad, sad tale. Proof, as if any more were needed, that though it can pay for just about everything else, money cannot buy happiness.

London Evening Standard ~ Heiress Eva's drug agony: I fell into dark hole of addiction

Eva Rausing's Myspace Page

PS The term "junkie" refers to the "junk" heroin addicts take. I call myself a junkie too!

This Rogers and Hammerstein track is most famous in the UK as fans' theme tune for Liverpool Football club!


Jeannie said...

Kind of depressing isn't it? If more than enough still isn't enough to satisfy, what does that say about humanity? Does happiness exist? Maybe we need to search in another direction for contentment - forget about "happiness" as a goal. I think it's a fairly modern invention anyway.

Cristeen said...

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Akelamalu said...

What a waste. All that money and they injected or smoked it! :(

Gledwood said...

JEANNIE: "the pursuit of happiness" is written into the American constitution... maybe it's the pursuit of something that doesn't exist!

CRISTEEN: thanks for taking time out to read it!

AKELAMALU: the most miserable I ever felt as an addict was when I briefly had money, once, to use as much drugs as I liked. 4 weeks of that and I was straight down NA

Furtheron said...

Indiscriminate is the best description of the disease that I can think of.

Gleds as you say in a reply above - 2003 I was on the beginning of the end for me, i.e. I'd stopped but then started again, was confused, was trying to control (joke!) and the company I worked at at that time was potentially about to push me gently out of the door with a redundancy payout of about 1 years salary. I was petrified I knew that if that happened I'd drink myself to death - luckily they gave me another job - people completely mistook my relief for one of economic security - it was emotional stability more like that I was craving

bugerlugs63 said...

So so sad, I also mentioned this in my post last night . . . have you seen the more recent photos of the couple? truly horrific, frightening . . . but we know that.
I hope you're doing well Gledwood, I'm back on day two . . . again!
Much love x

Gledwood said...

FURTHERON: good job you stayed in work!

BUGERLUGS: I'm checking out the photo now it's so bad I'm gonna post it up

Syd said...

Sad and really eerie to live with a dead body for so long. No money does not buy happiness.