Friday, 13 July 2012

Eva Rausing 1964-2012

EVA AND HANS RAUSING, the billion-dollar drug addicts. Their love affair began in rehab and ended last week at their exclusive London address, where Mrs Rausing seemingly died of an overdose. Police found Eva's body on Tuesday while raiding her Belgravia mansion for drugs after her husband, heir to an $8 billion food-packaging fortune, was pulled over for erratic driving in South London and found to be in possession of Class A substances. It seems Hans had continued bingeing on heroin and crack for over a week with Eva's corpse still lying in an upstairs bedroom.

Of course murder is suspected, but it wouldn't surprise me if the poor man, who is now in hospital, was too frightened or confused or just too out of it to seek help.

The pictures tell the tale of their sad decline...


7 March 1964 - ? July 2012




For more details and links, see yesterday's post.


bugerlugs63 said...

I googled her name yesterday and saw these pics . . . they made me cry. They've made me cry again. So so fucking sad . . . powerless. Money is not power. It's heartbreaking thinking of him sitting there using next to her . . . and even going out to score more. Poor man, poor woman and poor kids x

Anna Young said...

I find this story very interesting, not just because they were/are so wealthy, but how addiction knows no class. Everyone is at risk. Even people with acsess to the most renoun drug treatments still relapse. Too bad most people won't see this tragedy in this way. Most addicts will see it. Thanks for these posts, this event wasn't in the mainstream press here in America. Which is strange because Eva is from America.

Btw, you haven't blogged about how you are getting on. Where are you at mentally, hows MMT going, have been using on the side, why the hell are you not on anti depressants? I remember you said you have had very bad reactions to anti depressants in the past, but there are new meds out there now that might not cause you to becoming a raving lunatic. Seraoquil is not a true anti depressant. Actually I think it does nothing to releave depression, much less sever depression. It's main use is for sleep here in America, and is often given as an anti pscychotic to szchitzos, and delusional peeps.
Please write a post that addresses the reason you're so apposed to taking anti depressants. Also tell why even though you are aware advancements have been made in these medications.

Gledwood said...

BUGERLUGS: somehow when I look at her face I feel she was a friend I never had. I can't explain why.....

ANNA GRACE: OK I'll try to write about the antidepressant in a post but to put it in brief, from what I understand, antidepressants are not normally given to anyone who's bipolar unless they really feel they have to. And then only if the person is on a proper mood stabilizer like lamictal, lithium or something else. So if I wanted to go on antiDs I'd be on TWO extra drugs. I don't feel the Seroquel is really doing anything at all. All it ever seemed to do was stop me going hyper but the other day I went into a real intense bad mood for about 3 hours then suddenly snapped out of it and was on top of the world for another few hours ~ in other words it was bipolar in miniature with all the symptoms. I was running round the supermarket like a nutter, flying on my trolley (which I believe Americans would call a shopping cart)... I've been avoiding saying how I feel as you might have noticed!

Re people with money and addictions. With enough cash to get an inexhaustible supply of drugs, I think some of these people get bored of it quicker. I always wondered how rich people ever manage to stop and these 2 obviously didn't manage it...

Anna I have one more request why don't you post something about your bipolar? Or do a post on why you don't like talking about bipolar. You know lots of people do bipolar blogs out there. Take a look at the mad blogs on my sidebar. Do you find madness embarrassing? Or incomprehensible?.. Do you ever get flashbacks of being severely psychotic? I do.

Anna Young said...

Haven't you read my newest post yet? In it I explain that I'm writing about right now. I work on it nearly every day. It's turning into an essay, more than just a long blog post.
When I post it up on my blog, I will tell you asap.

I have read all the mad bloggers you have on your side bar.

As far as how I feel about being mentally ill, sometimes I am VERY embarrassed of the way I've acted while in a manic state, but I'm willing to write about it as with anything else I feel emotionally about.

Gledwood said...

Well come on tell some more about being a real life Maniac!!

Furtheron said...

Takes me back - rehab there are people I remember looking just like that, they got so much better in days - then guess what... you know, they decided they didn't need all that and off they went ... 2 died before I even got out, husband and wife dead together after 3 weeks clean.... so sad

jade said...

This story is so very sad. Stange that nothing was mentioned about it over here in America as she was the Daughter of some big wig at Pepsi Cola and all. I do find the story interesting in that whole can't look away from the train wreak kind of way and would like to know more about those two. oh and a proper Hello to you as well. I've been reading you for quite some time ( volume 2) but this is my first comment to you. I only just started leaveing comments on blogs very very resently. I'm rather shy and private but trying to branch out. would love to start a blog but not so sure I could handle the mean anon that I know are out there as it seems every bloger I read has had them!

bugerlugs63 said...

@ Jade (hope you don't mind Gledwood)
Just to say I've had two negative comments in ten months (anon of course) both about me being a bad mother and using gear! fuck 'em. I've heard worse from my neighbours!
I replied to their comments, because I'm OCD about replying to comments . . . and then moved on.
If they feel the compulsion to leave hateful comments, imagine how sad their day must be . . and their life? well!
Do it Jade, start a blog, it's helped me x

Summer said...

This just breaks my heart. To see how they declined over time is just tragic. I wonder what their children must have felt watching their parents slip slowly away. And how do they move forward from here?

It kind of blew my mind reading that her dead body had been in the house that long but I agree with you, Gled, he must have been in an awful state not to have contacted the authorities. I hope and pray that there can be a silver lining in this awful nightmare and that Mr. Rausing will find recovery before it's too late for himself.

Bev said...

So sad.Will there last days ever come out?Maybe its better not and let her have peace.Her husband maybe went a little nuts to find her body.who knows.

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